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DVE Wrapup & Audio

Well, I'm back from my DVE experience, and this one went well. We talked in great detail about the Cowher Auction and how we were directly defying Kaye Cowher's wishes to "not make this a circus". Then we talked a little Bucco baseball and focused on Adam ".105" LaRoche and his Pirate career so far. The time really flew by, which meant I had a lot of fun.
If you missed it and want to hear it, you're in luck. They were kind enough to provide me with an MP3 file which you can listen to here. If you missed it and don't want to hear it, you're also in luck. Just don't click the link.
I'll be back to real sports soon, including coverage of the Keith Benjamin arrest and thoughts on the Buccos and Penguinos. Email me anything else that crosses your mind at


Unknown said...

Well done, I'll time my schedule better to listen to it live next time.

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Good work, bro.