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Mondesi Does DVE

I just got word that my friends at the WDVE Morning Show have requested my presence on tomorrow (Tuesday's) show. I'll be on the air at approximately 9:20 AM EST to talk about the Cowher Auction, the Pirates' start, the Penguins playoff run, and anything else that comes up.

You can listen live on 102.5 FM, and for those of you out of town, you can listen live at Just click on the "listen live" icon and you're all set - no registration necessary.
The WDVE morning show is Pittsburgh's top-rated morning program and always brings in an influx of new readers to the site. Plus, it's an incredibly fun experience to boot. I'm really looking forward to it, and hope you can tune in!


tecmo said...

congrats. dve mornings have always been a fave

Unknown said...

mondesis house hitting the big time? Next thing we know don is going to be "making it rain" at touch. congrats on the invite