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Mondesi's House Reaffirms Fedko Endorsement

When I mentioned the nightly television experience known as the Fedko Fone Zone in that 3,000+ word essay yesterday, I had no idea of the impact that would ensue with the subject. John Fedko, in describing his show on the air last night, billed it as "The Fedko Fone Zone...endorsed by Mondesi's House".
Unfortunately, I was unable to watch this live, but my brother, the loyal Fedko fan who introduced me to the show, caught it and immediately gave me a call. Of course, I was thrilled at the news. I can name a decent number of Pittsburgh sports media members that are visitors to the site, and I never knew Fedko was among that group. So I certainly thank John for the on-air mention.
That being said, I am officially reaffirming my endorsement of the Fedko Fone Zone, which airs after the 11 PM news every night on PCNC. In all seriousness, if you're a fan of Mondesi's House, you'll "get" why I like the Fedko show so much. The mix of Fedko and the's unlike anything else on Pittsburgh television. It's appointment television in my household.


AJ said...

Fedko... grow the mustache back!

Anonymous said...

I love how Fedko acts like he's not on T.V. or like he's doing a radio show. He doesn't play to the camera, he shades his eyes from the kleig lights, he yells at his producer and he taps pencils... it's really a bizarro world. There's only one thing missing to make this a really great show... add Pittsburgh's number one sports blogger, Raul Mondesi as a guest on Fedko. Now THAT would truly be great Pittsburgh television! C'mon John, send Raul an email. Get him in the studio. It would be great! Think of it, the whole Mondesi nation would be glued to the set! Your ratings would go through the roof! You could even invite Ramon Mondesi, your number one fan to join him. That would be awesome T.V.!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I won't tune in to watch that show until he grows back the mustache. Or better yet, he should try other facial hair.

Think of Fedko with a soul patch ala Josh Fogg.

Now that would be TV worth watching.