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A Touching Tribute

The Pittsburgh Pirates, always good for some ill-timed controversy, managed to find themselves smack dab in the middle of another fine mess just 10 days before opening day:

The Pittsburgh Pirates' decision to rename a stadium sports bar in honor of Roberto Clemente could spark a numbers problem.

The Pirates announced Monday that the space will be known as Club 21 in honor of the Hall of Famer. The area, which overlooks right field, had been known as the Montecristo Club.

That decision could cause an issue with the "21" Club restaurant, a New York City institution and former Prohibition-era speakeasy.

Wow...what a touching tribute by the Pirates. What better way to celebrate the life of Roberto Clemente than a bar in right field that offers 21 varities of beer, with a name similar to a New York speakeasy?


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

We were due for a front office screwup. How bout we raise ticket prices, and not allow in water bottles again.

Adam said...

U remember our discussion about live interaction with athletes? well i just remembered one. I ran into Patrick Ewing in Disney World wen i was 10. yea. he said "sorry little man" and i had no idea it was him to i got up and my whole family was staring at him. I soon found out it was patrick ewing.

Adam said...

i never said i like pat ewing. just recalled an encounter with him.

How about this... Does anyone think that if the Pens can get Kasperitis off waivers from new york (hes in the minors) that they should do it?

Im probably just speaking from the past, but Kasperitis was my favorite Penguin ever. My top 3 sports memories are

1. Penn State beating Ohio State last season 17-10 (i was there, and the place was just electric)

2. Super Bowl Run

3. Kasperitis slapshot to beat buffalo in game 7.

id love to see him come back, even though its probably not practical

CapitolMAN said...

Leave it to Pirates management to misread the county's smoking ban. The ordinance that bans smoking in workplaces exempts cigar bars.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

What gets me is that you can't even smoke on the River Walk.

Adam said...

smoking is disgusting anyway. cmon boys, give it up