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Maxime Talbot Still Likes to Partay

It's been a while since we've seen one of our Pittsburgh heroes enjoying the night life. But Mondesi readers never let me down. They comb websites, blogs, chatrooms, photo albums...all in the pursuit of a classic photo. And judging from this one, all I can say is that Maxime Talbot still likes to partay...

The full gallery, for those interested, can be found here. The caption of this photo:

My new favorite Pittsburgh Penguin ;)
You should have seen his bar tab


Dirty Sanchez said...

Good thing Maxime wasn't picking up the dinner tab. Apparently they grow 'em big up there in the 'Burgh!

Speaking of which, I'll be at PNC for the Dodgers game on June 2nd (Adam LaRoche bobblehead night no less). Anyone have season tix or might end up there that night? Maybe we can have a Mondesi-style pre-game at a local bar (suggestions welcome for this out of towner).

Adam, if you show up make sure you're rocking the Amaechi throw back jersey so we can easily find you.

Unknown said...

Primanti Brothers. Best sandwiches around. They have one at the stadium or go to the original in the Strip District. Also Fat Heads on the Southside is a good wings and beer joint.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Max must have been VERY VERY drunk

Adam said...

I'll be there, but im 16 and an asshole, so that might put a kink in the plans

Adam said...

haha just saw the Amaechi thing. i really have no rebuttle.

Unknown said...

in response to the photo(l-r):

no, dude, 8-9 beers

adam, someday college will teach you these things

a mondesi's house drinkathon would be welcome, a pregame venture should be on the north side, though, less stumbling distance

save the steagles said...

Louis, Sixteen Candles, that Dong fellow had himself a bigin'. That might be the movie you were thinking of. These women give me hope that I could meet a drunken Malkin and make him fall in love with me.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Whassa happenin' hot stuff? I think the Donger's chick was better looking than these two.

So a North side stumble before the game, and a South side stumble afterwards is recommended? As long as I can get hot wings and some cold Arrrn City then I'm good.