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The Afternoon Killer

Deshea: "I'm innocent!"

Aaron Gray is one of approximately 89 players on the Big East first team. Seriously, have you ever seen an honorary team so deep?

Pirate Cuban defector Yoslan Herrera is among their first cuts. Also sent to the minors: first round picks Bryan Bullington, John Van Benschoten, and Brad Lincoln.

Shelly Anderson elaborates on the Erik Christensen goal celebration

Are the Pirates the baseball equivalent of Ghost Rider?

One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't: shut the F up

The Ron Artest Mug Shot is now online

Peyton Manning is not above getting paid for a sweet 16 party appearance.

Here's a conspiracy theory on the new uniforms several teams will sport this week

For the anti-Yankee contingent, here's a page full of "Yankees suck" jokes

Dwyane Wade is getting up again

Did you know Bonnie Bernstein almost died in October?

Here's a study linking tooth brushing to seizures. This is great news for the residents of (___________) insert redneck state of your choice here.

In honor of today's Borat DVD release, here's a deleted scene of Borat getting a massage

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San_Erino said...

Good job with Maddox. He's one funny motherfarker.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I like how Banta-Cain (sounds like a boxing matchup) signed with San Fran before even visiting the Steelers.

Although, if the San Francisco Tribune Review is covering the story, that means Banta-Cain will be a Steelers by tomorrow.