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When 19 Models Just Won't Do

Many readers have sent in this note from the Las Vegas Review Journal:
"At OPM (Forum Shops at Caesars) on Saturday night for Jerome Bettis' birthday party: Bettis, being presented with a giant yellow-and-black cake (Steelers colors) by 20 beautiful models. Celebrating with their ex-teammate, Clark Haggans, Hines Ward, Vernon Hayes, Willie Parker and James Farrior."
My only question...was it a Bettis Helmet Cake from Giant Eagle?

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Off topic but, is it just me or does ESPN Classic only show old rodeos, poker games, spelling bees, and anything else that sucks and isn't a sport these days?

I miss when they had actual cool stuff like old NFL Films shows, or MLB/NBA/NHL/College hoops and football games or any other old show about actual SPORTS.

I even liked those Top 20 countdowns, Sportcentury, and "5 Reasons You Can't Blame..." shows that used to dominate the channel.

But the past couple months all I see on there is effing old poker tournaments. Now, if I don't care about current poker tournaments, why would I care about one that happened 15 years ago?!!?!?

Gone are the cool old sports and shows pertaining to them (I watched a show from the early-80s that featured Reggie Jackson interviewing Franco Harris once on there), and now we get... POKER!!

ESPN Classic used to be my #1 fallback station for when there was nothing else on TV, now it just sucks!!