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Saturday Night With the Steelers

I always love when readers send in some quality pics of our sports heroes off the field, and we have a fun gallery for your viewing pleasure today. A bar called Wolfendale's in Indiana hosted "Saturday Night With the Steelers", and it looks like a good time was had by all...especially the Pride of Tiffin, Nate Washington.

Ben Roethlisberger was unavailable for comment. But I'm sure he sent his wide receiver his full support.


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Dirty Sanchez said...

If the 4th string WR wants to get busy with some Gwen-Jens, more power to him. Such are the perks of being a pro athlete.

Since I'm pissed off and can't wait for the story to be posted on here, apparently the Pens are sending Noah Welch to the Panthers in order to rent 900 year old, oft-injured Gary Roberts for 3 months. This is exactly the kind of deal they shouldn't be making. That little hot streak got everyone's hopes up for a Cup run this year and it's cost the Penguins one of their top prospects.

Vee said...

Wolfies is lame, Nate would've had a much better time at Al Patti's.

Anonymous said...

Apparrnly you haven't seen the chaos some anonymous poster was casuing this weeked at another blog.