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Here's the best submissions received over the last 24 hours...there's no way I could post every one of them, but I present a few of the articles you think your fellow readers would enjoy...
Shadyside, welcome your new neighbor...Mike Tomlin.
Is Vijay Singh the next Tim Hardaway? With video...yay!
Coming to a golf course near you: the traveling Caddyshack road show, hosted by Lacey Underalls.
Does Jack Wilson look like a British rapper?
What law firm would represent PacMan Jones? A firm that will have a client for life.
Michael Irvin's having a tough time finding some work. Maybe he could replace Lamar Thomas as a Miami broadcaster.
Page 2 checks in with former "America's hottest athletes" Amanda Beard, Jennie Finch and Heather Mitts.
Brown U. is hot on the trail of one of the former Duke lacrosse players. By the way, Duke lacrosse will have their Saturday opener broadcast on ESPNU.

If you have an extra $5,000 laying around, why not invest it on a Tarvaris Jackson football card?

One reader thought this was a great headline. I'm sure you'd agree.
Nothing like catching the biggest squid of all time to brighten your day.
Here's five ways to kill a movie franchise.

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