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The House That Ben Built

Just in to the tipline, a reader sends along alleged photographs of Ben Roethlisberger's new house. Normally I wouldn't consider where a sports figure lives as news, but the P-G ended that taboo today with their coverage of Mike Tomlin's new digs in Shadyside. I guess info like this is important to Steeler fans, and like the P-G, I'm here to please you, the reader.
(click for full size)

In other Steeler news, Ike Taylor was unfortunately chosen as the player to represent the Steelers on ESPN's Cold Pizza this morning. Cold Pizza is going through each team with a look back at what happened in 2006 and what might happen in 2007.

Why do I say unfortunate? Because Ike Taylor will never be confused with a spokesman on any level whatsoever. Some of his thoughts on the Steelers (and these aren't the exact quotes verbatim, but you get the point):

On their 2006 struggles: "We had a lot of inconsistency. You know, we weren't consistent."

On the hiring of Mike Tomlin as coach: "We have a good front office. They know what they're doing. What have they won, like five Super Bowls?"

Yeaaaah...I think the next time, the Steelers will think about letting Ike talk on live TV before giving him the green light.

Ike also thought that his benching will only make him stronger, because he's been through a lot in his life. Unless you don't believe the stories about his "Uncle Francois" sitting in a truck tire and made a pre-teen Taylor drag him around to the point of exhaustion, keeping him up as late as 2 AM. Or the story about Uncle Francois making Ike chase a rabbit to increase his speed.

Ike of my very favorite Steelers. And to second what he wished for the 2007 season, I hope he does become a shut down corner.


Unknown said...


Put up a picture of the Psycho house. It looks a lot like Big Ben's, only an older version.

Adam said...

Still 11 spots left in baseball league #1! see the post belwo for more information!

Anonymous said...

"We had a lot of inconsistency. You know, we weren't consistent."

That might be the best quote ever.

Anonymous said...

This is not actually Ben's house.

Unknown said...

It really isn't Ben's house.

Anonymous said...

just to tell everyone, this isnt't Ben's house!!
i live on the street over from this house, and he definatly doesnt live here.
i drive by this house pretty much everyday, and i once saw in the yard a family, that definitely wasn't Ben!

even if this was his house, do you really think he would commute from Harrison City, PA to the city? it's like 45 min. away. so yeahh.

William Wagner said...

The house is just awesome. Who wouldn't want to live in that place? Thanks for the info.

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