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Pens Wins Again, Most Hated Pgh Sports Figures, Naked Clevelander, Dead Arms, Britney Shaves Her Noggin

The Pens win again, 5-4 over the Devils, again letting the opponent back into the game and proving my Pens=Kobe theory correct again. They're just toying with you, New Jersey.
Pitt takes on Washington at 2 PM (ESPN) at the Pete. Paramedics are on hand to make sure the Panthers have a pulse before taking the floor.
The 14 most reviled Pittsburgh sports figures are counted down. I would keep many of the same players, but the ranking is highly debatable.
Here's the 10 best soundbites from the NBA All Star Game. My favorite?
10. Arenas on another firestorm he caused recently, vowing to score 50 points against Portland and falling 41 short:
"Everybody's talking about the nine, but I still actually have one more game against them. That's not out the window."
50 things you'll never hear a Cleveland fan say. Actually, #15 is wrong. Jeff Garcia did date a Playmate and live in Cleveland simultaneously.
Bill Simmons liveblogs a 20-year-old NBA All Star game. At least he's talking about something he knows about and not college hoops.
On the topic of Cleveland bashing, here's a naked Clevelander who looks like Phil Margera running around in the snow during a TV interview. (if it doesn't load, type naked man in the search box)
This is a few days old, but all the Pirates' dead arms of drafts gone by have congregated at Spring Training. Soon to join them: 2006 1st rounder Brad Lincoln, with the words "Tommy John" mentioned today by Dejan.
This can only be summarized by the title: "The Steakhouse Incident". Not for the weak-stomached.
A pretty awesome prank pulled by students at Darmouth. It takes about 2 minutes for any real action to occur, but hang in there, it's worth the wait.
The much-discussed, Beyonce-covered SI swimsuit issue is out. ESPN's cover this week? Text about John Amaechi being gay. I wonder which magazine sells better?
Britney ignores the '70s guide to hairstyles and shaves her head.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

That guy's list sucked.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Bob Kipper over Derek Bell?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Britney Spears look like Sinead O'Connor. What's next, ripping up pictures of the pope?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Oh my god, I can't believe I just read a long story about a guy taking a dump and puking.

Matt said...

I don't think Carl Krauser belongs on that list at all. I never thought he was all that good, but he was completely dedicated to his team. I remember times when he wasn't playing during his freshman season, he was standing along the sideline waving a towel and cheering on his teammates. He continued that type of personality after becoming a starter and team leader. Just because he was flashy on the court and occasionally tried to carry the team on his back doesn't automatically make him a selfish player.

Wait 'Til Next Year

Sean said...

I don't like the list much either. Did people really hate Bob Kipper? I don't think so. Plus, no one ever questioned Krauser's heart or desire.

To be on a list of reviled players, you either need to not live up to expectations (Jamain Stephens, Huey Richardson, Alanzo Jackson, & Darryl Sims) or not try/quit (Donatas Zavackas & George Hendrick). Derek Bell would qualify in both categories.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I said the list sucks, but haven't had time to elaborate yet so here goes:

Jagr wasn't in the top 10... repeat JAGR wasn't in the top 10!!

I'm sorry, but most Pittsburgh sports fans would put Jagr, who was a total pussy in the '01 playoffs when we were a legit threat, way ahead of Bob fucking Kipper. Most Pittsburgh sports fans don't even remember Bob Kipper, so how could they hate him? (I remember him, I got his autograph at an appearance at a Burger King when I was little... I think he was nice, but then again I was 6.)

Besides, didn't everyone on some of those 80s Bucco teams really suck?

Also, you can't question Carl Krauser's dedication and love for Pittsburgh and Pitt basketball. He was a great athlete who was definitely guilty of trying to do too much and making boneheaded plays, but a villain he was not. The 04-05 team wouldn't of even sniffed the Big Dance if it weren't for Krauser.

And oh, Terry Bradshaw... yeah I TOTALLY HATE that guy and his four Super Bowl rings for sure!!

Anonymous said...

I can understand the Bradshaw argument. His first couple years weren' that great and a lot of fans were impatient with him. And after he retired, he avoided the city. He does some public speaking stuff, but never stops in Pittsburgh and he never comes back for team reunions. Still though, most people love him for winning four superbowls and he should only be an honorable mention.

More people hate Bonds than Barrasso. Even though Bob Smizik thinks everyone loves Bonds, he's probobly the most hated person in Pittsburgh. The first two games of a three game series in Pittsburgh last year were sold out just to boo Bonds. Pirate games are never sold out, I think thats saying something.

And no Sid Bream? I would put him over Bob Kipper any day. Hell, I would put Kip Wells over Kipper.

Unknown said...

This list was pathetic. He must have consulted with Ron Cook or Eddie Crow.