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Gisele Strips, Golic Ate Bad PB, Pippen Returns, NFL Mock Draft, Who Plays Anna Nicole, 70s Haircuts

Many a reader sent over the tidbit that Tom Brady squeeze/supermodel Gisele is now taking stripper classes for his enjoyment.

Looks like Mike Golic ate a little too much of the
Salmonella-flavored peanut butter

The readers of "ESPN Conversation" take on the CBS-Bill Cowher marriage. Our favorite family man can now spend about 20 weekends with his family...Boomer Cowher, Shannon Cowher, Dan Cowher...

Are the playmaker's
days with ESPN numbered? Admit it, you'd miss him.

Scottie Pippen is
considering a comeback. Seriously.

SI's Snap-judging Don Banks gives us a new
NFL mock draft, with the Steelers trading their first-round pick to Washington for T.J. Duckett. Wait, that's John Clayton's mock draft.

$126 million dollar man Barry Zito decides now is a good time to tinker with his mechanics.
What in the name of Hilary Duff is going on here?

Skippy Reed is
wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

Much like their characters, it looks like the
ratings for Lost have disappeared.

New Mexico's newest innovation in the battle against durnk driving?
Talking urinal cakes.

10 Greatest Interviews in WWF/WWE history, with video. This takes me back to the days when my idea of happiness was saving up enough cash for a Rowdy Roddy Piper wrestling figure. (warning: this page has been taking a loooooong time to load)

Charlize Theron the early favorite
to play Anna Nicole Smith in the inevitable biopic. Howard Stern will not be playing Howard K. Stern.

If you're in need of a new hairstyle, consult this scan of a 1970s Ebony magazine. Being a businessman, I personally have chosen "the executive" for my new look.

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Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Is it me or can anyone else not tell the difference between most of those hairstyles?