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Penn State Snowball Fight/Brawl '07

Here's a highly entertaining video from Penn State of a snowball fight/brawl/riot, complete with a bodyslam from an unnamed 6'4", 344-pound Nittany Lion defensive end. Pitt and Penn State fans, start your commenting engines.


Adam said...

YESSS!!!!!! That musta been a blast!!!!!! Anyway,

How bout that finish at the Daytona 500? Nothing better than the Jack Daniels car crossig the finish line on its roof while being engulfed in flames.

PSU vs. OSU Wed. night. Lions have lost 11 or twelve (I dont even know now) straight. OSU has just staked their claim on #1. Unless they make an unlikely run over the rest of the season, the Lions will miss the NIT this year. This is all they have left t play for. everything is in place for an upset if Penn State can actually come out strong in the first half this time. Anyonw who thinks PSU is toast, 2 words and a hypen:


Penn State is better than Vanderbilt, and OSU has shown me nothing to say that they are better than Florida.

I'm not saying the Lions are awesome, I'm just saying, dont be shocked of they win this game.

I also wont be shocked if they dont score more than 29 points either. But i think everything is in place for a big upset.

Sean said...

I guess the Penn State students need some release after suffering through a 1-11 conference record.

Adam, what is your evidence that Penn State is better than Vanderbilt? Vandy is 18-8 overall and 8-4 in the SEC. The 8-4 record is second best in the conference after Florida. Vandy has 4 players who average double figures. Meanwhile, Penn State has lost 11 games in a row! They are last in the Big Ten with a 1-11 conference record behind even Northwestern who lost against Cornell. Against a common opponenet, Penn State lost against Georgia Tech while Vandy defeated GT.

As for Wednesday's PSU-OSU game, I stand by my prediction last week that the Buckeyes will win by 20. OSU is playing at home and will not take Penn State for granted after last week's scare.

If Penn State had the Crispin brothers, Calvin Booth and John Amaechi playing on Wednesday, they might have a chance.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I wonder if John Amaechi got his gayness from Penn State? Or did he go there gay and graduate even gayer than when he started? Either way, had Joe Christ known he was there, he would sick his homophobic pitbull Rene Portland on him.

Adam said...

funny stuff. And the only evidence I have is a gut prediction. Wed kill Vandy.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

For the love of God Adam, can't you just agree with me on one thing?!?!

I mean, I hate NASCAR with a passion, and you immediately start praising it.

I'm convinced, Adam and I do not agree on one thing about anything.

Adam said...

how can u hate a car roling on its lid in flames across the finish line plus a 0.02 second margin of victory?!

Sean said...

Adam - Please tell me how "we" (I didn't realize you now play on the Penn State basketball team) would defeat Vandy. Is that a gut feeling too?

I miss the GwenJen discussions.

Unknown said...

Where's Joe Paturdo Christ when you really need him? Only he can control those rowdy rowdy Penn State kids. What a bunch of flamers!

Adam said...

"WE" are!!!! Penn State!!!!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The fire and near death is ok, but the hours of watching guys drive in circles absolutely sucks.

You can catch the part with the cars on fire on Sportcenter or something without watching people drive around in circles all day long.

I don't think Penn State will beat Ohio State, but I also don't think OSU should be ranked 2nd over Florida after Florida spanked them earlier this year. Wisky definitely deserves the 1 spot though. But either way, rankings means about jack-squat in college hoops (thank god).

Speaking of which, outside of Florida it seems like the NCAA tourney is kind of wide-open this year. If someone knocks off the Gators, it could be anyone's championship to win.

Adam said...

By the way, can john amechi possibly be gayer than levon kendall and the designs in his sideburns? wow.