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J Peezy in Vegas, Scary Al Davis, Terrelle Pryor is Awesome, An Oscar for Borat?

Ever wonder what Joey Porter does in the offseason? Would you guess sending $900 bottles of champagne to the ladies all night at OPM in Vegas? (in the sightings column)
Tom Brady, three days into an internet porn binge of historic proportions
Falcons: "Vick is our starter". Even though he had a modified water bottle he wouldn't surrender and has an alter ego. He's the kind of guy you build a franchise around.
The Bengals are mad at Johnathan Joseph, the 9th member of their team arrested. Overheard in the Bengal locker room: "We can sweep 8 arrests under the rug, but 9, that's just waaay too many."
Donovan McNabb is unhappy with the Eagles. I think he should have Mama make him some Chunky Soup and he'll feel much better.
The Patriots: chokers. Tom Brady: will never win a Super Bowl. (This gets the Mondesi 5-star recommendation. A must read.)
Great piece on Terrelle Pryor, potential Pitt Panther, already being compared to local greats like Marino, Arrington and Dorsett. Remember two things: 1. He's a junior. 2. He also plans to play college hoops
Dick Vitale has a problem sticking to the script
Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild, was sentenced to two years probation and 200 hours of community service. I can see the infomercial now: Girls Gone Wild: Girls of Community Service
Oscar nominees are out, and yes, Borat was nominated for an award


Adam said...

ahhhhhh may i also remind you he is also a potential Penn State Nittany Lion. And if he wnats to play football, he knows where to come. He also knows he could be the star of the basketball team. mondesi, i know yer a pitt fan, but dont shortchage the truth.

Adam said...

this just in: ranks the recruting classes and guess what? Penn State 18th Pitt 23rd. Plus another huge decision tomorrow for another potential Nitt. Bring it Panthers.

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Is that guy from Page2 for real? Did he seriously say that Tom Brady is a playoff choke artist and that the Colts have the Pats. number? I hate New England as much as the next 'burger, but that article is ridiculous. I felt like I was reading a rewrite of an article where the author simply exchanged "Patriots" for "Colts" as well as "Brady" for "Manning."

JohnnyCuff said...

wow dude. talk about missing the joke.

maybe this will help. read your last sentence and then read this:

sat·ire (sāt'īr') noun.
1. Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.