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Tyler Palko, Freddy Sanchez, and Verron Haynes are Beautiful

Pittsburgh Magazine has issued their list of the city's 25 Most Beautiful People, and it's littered with athletes.
The cover is graced by shirtless Steeler running back Verron Haynes. Shirtless athletes on the cover? Was is this, ESPN the Magazine?

Also beautiful, according to the article: former Pitt QB Tyler Palko, Pirate batting champ Freddy Sanchez, and Theodora Polamalu, wife of a well-known pro football player in town.

Not making the cut this year: Ben Roethlisberger, Jeff Reed, and Maxime Talbot.


Anonymous said...

When you're one of the 25 most beautiful people in Pittsburgh, I guess your allowed to run onto the field to celebrate a touchdown, even if you were not on the field when the play occurred, thereby drawing a personal foul and, in the process, costing the Steelers the game and a playoff berth.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

what no Ryan Vogelsong?

Dirty Sanchez said...

Where's Trenni?

Verron is beautiful because he only gets on the field for 20 plays per season, thereby ensuring that he will not be physically marred in any way. Not including running onto the field to celebrate a TD and ruining the Steelers season.