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Casa D'Ice Signs

I know this is totally off the topic of sports, but sometimes I get a tip that is just too good to ignore. Although I've never been there, a local restaurant called "Casa D'Ice" in North Versailles seems to have a lot of fun with their marquis sign. Click here for the entire gallery...I guess they're gaining quite a following in Pittsburgh.


Anonymous said...

This guy certainly leans to the right, and there's nothing wrong with that - I do the same.

However, like many "aging" people in Pittsburgh, he still wishes it was 1966.

There is a clear distinction between favoring English as the national language and using a term like "camel jockey" or "wetback."

Sadly, this is precisely the kind of guy who would call Mike Tomlin something other than a "poor coach" should the Steelers fall on hard times in the coming years.

Steeltown Mike said...

I've been sent an e-mail with these signs previously. Some of them actually bash Bush harder than some left-leaners, so I'm not sure how right-of-center this guy is.

My favorite one.

Unknown said...

The real humor is that the business's name is...Spanish-ish.

paul said...

Is this supposed to be some sort of weird Yinzer Libertarianism?

bizzo5000 said...

By the way, the place sucks. I've been there.

Thejim said...

I too have witnessed these signs first hand living in the east burbs as I do. There used to be an awesome pizza joint on 30 near there so I've frequently driven by and seen the carnage. I would describe the place as "dripping with neon" and if you didn't have a cognizant thought that you were in PA, you would swear it was a strip club from the outside.

I don't think it's libertarian so much as the North Versailles version of Rush Limbaugh.