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The Official Sports Media Memorabilia Price Guide

That short post about the Trenni Kusnierek autographed photo on eBay sure caused a lot of buzz. She's generating Erin Andrews-like levels of traffic today. So I thought I would further investigate the subculture of sports media collectibles and create a handy price guide for those who collect these items.
Rick Reilly
The asking price: $1.95
Value analysis: Needs to write more bleeding-heart pieces on the back pages of SI if he wants this price to rise

Dan Patrick

The item: 2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Autograph

The asking price: $50

Value analysis: There's only 50 of these to go around, so you Patrick fans should act FAST!

Sean Salisbury

The item: Autographed USC 8x10

The asking price: $14.99

Value analysis: At least he's not exposing himself in this picture...unlike others floating around

Keith Olbermann

The item: 2003 Bowman Autographed card

The asking price: $79.95

Value analysis: Comes with an official Topps hologram. You know, as a security measure against all the people forging Keith Olbermann's autograph.

Stuart Scott

The item: Autographed 8x10 Photo

The asking price: $14.99

Value analysis: Currently priced $14.99 too high.

Dick Vitale

The item: Autographed Bobblehead

The asking price: $85

Value analysis: At least it doesn't talk, which I assume would considerably hurt the value.

Chris Berman

The item: Framed and matted advertisement

The asking price: $8.99

Value analysis: A visual reminder of every sports fan's fantasy

Barry Melrose

The item: Autographed hockey puck

The asking price: $28.28

Value analysis: Would be higher if hockey was ever recognized by American networks

Mike Golic

The item: Autographed Eagles 8x10

The asking price: $15

Value analysis: Should surge in value when he announces the Arena Bowl with life partner Mike Greenberg

Harold Reynolds

The item: Autographed Baseball

The asking price: $30

Value analysis: Dismissal over an alleged hug hampers the long-term investment potential

Jay Bilas

The item: Autographed Floor Board

The asking price: $19.95

Value analysis: This should sum up my thoughts on the sports memorabilia industry: a piece of wood signed by Jay Bilas is valued at $20.

Michelle Tafoya

The item: Head on a stick

The asking price: $15

Value analysis: Maybe it's just me, but I don't see much of a return down the road on a collectible of a sideline reporter.


Anonymous said...

I want to know who payed $15 for a picture of Stuart Scott. Seriously, we need to imprision these people.

Anonymous said...

I'll take the Barry Melrose puck or the autographed hardwood of noted Pitt-supporter Jay Bilas.

Not that I'd pay more than $1.00 for either item.

For Erin Andrews though, $2.50.

Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan said...

Hey at least it's a pre-goofy wandering eye Stu Scott in the picture.

rpzeroburner said...

Hello, I currently have a signed rookie bat of Johnny Damon with authenticity and all. Back when he played for the KC Royals, and I was wondering a price on it? any suggestions email me.