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XPlosion 0-7, Bucs add Diaz, 20 Best Looking Athletes, Transformers Trailer

Big Pitt game tonight, as they travel to #15 Oklahoma State. Hopefully we get a better performance than what we saw in Buffalo or Wisconsin.
The Pittsburgh XPlosion fall to the Indiana Alleycats, 133-107. The loss drops the XPlosion to 0-7 in the 2007-06 campaign. That owner was right. People won't respect this team until they win a championship.
The Pirates take another big step for 2007, adding catcher Einar Diaz, who hit .225 in class AAA last season.
Allen Iverson sits down with the Barbara Walters of ESPN, Stephen A. Smith, and says he never demanded to be traded.
Turns out that Carmelo reaffirmed his street cred...among the cowardly and girlish
We all knew that OT Willie Colon would start for Max Starks on Sunday. Now we learn that OT Adam Terry is starting for Jonathan Ogden on Baltimore's side. Nothing like a shakeup on the O-Lines to make a Christmas Eve rivalry game a little juicier.
Dr. Z. gives us new Power Rankings...Steelers #1...I mean, #16. Forgot the "6".
ESPN tells us about the Education of Vince Young. I presume they mean his football education, and not the general intelligence that gave him that 6 on the Wonderlic test.
SI's Swimsuit models pick the 20 best-looking athletes in sport. Evgeni Malkin did not make the cut.
The totally awesome Transformers trailer
The always-funny Maddox gives us Five Awesomely Bad Christmas Gifts


Anonymous said...

I know wish to be known as "CecilOn from Cecil Twp." the Pitt lead is evaporating.

Adam said...

And down goes Pitt again!!! Well Pitt fans...I don;t want to tell you I told you so, but....

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Talking shit for Pitt losing on the road to a top 15 team in 2OT AFTER PissU loses at home to Southeastern Louisiana. You, my friend, have to learn how to pick your spots.

How about Stony Brook too? Real power there. Looks like the stars are lining up for State Penn to have another miserable year slick.

Adam said...

Is Penn State ranked 7th? Um, i dont think so. And for the gajillionth time, im not comparing Pitt and Penn States basketball programs. Im comparing Pitt to the other national powers, and to this point, they are no where close t the top. period. if Pitt is a national power, they beat that team tonite. The time for Pitt to say "We almost did it" is over. prove something on the court.

Anonymous said...

I knew this guy would be in here running his mouth as soon as Pitt hit a rough spot in it's hoops season.

Ummm.. hey, what other top 20 team has played this many major conference schools on the road in their non-conference schedule. What's that you say? None!!!

Dixon's just toughening the kids up for when it matters most. Geez, if we came on here and made fun of you everytime PSU lost a hoops game, most of us wouldn't have time to go to work!

Dirty Sanchez said...

I'm no rocket scientist, so someone help me out here. Is Adam a fan of "National Powers" University? How does it make sense to rag on Pitt for losing to a top 15 team on the road when PSU barely has a Division I program.

It would be nice if Pitt could play PSU in hoops, but bitter Joe Pa probably wouldn't allow it.