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Porter's Abs & Comments, Culpepper & Bagwell Done, Q&A with Gray, Kanye vs Evel, More

Joey Porter's abs are still in playoff form

On the topic of J-Pee, he apologized for his gay comments, but not to Kellen Winslow.

13 "Fascinating" matchups for Super Bowl XLI from Don Banks. And not one of them involves the Steelers.

Daunte Culpepper's season is officially over. Much like the Dolphins' playoff chances, as a result of Daunte Culpepper playing this season.

CBS Sportsline's Power Rankings have the Steelers #21. If we were playing blackjack, that would be fantastic. But we're playing football. And the #21 team usually doesn't make the playoffs.

OJ's If I Did It book is selling for $5,000+ on the black market. So if you make money off of a criminal making money, does it balance out, or are you even worse off?

Pirates retain rights to Shawn Chacon and Humberto Cota. Phew! Thought they might lose them!

Jeff Bagwell will finally retire, joining his shoulder, which retired in 2004.

Mark McGwire wanted to retire to a lifetime of peace and tranquility. With that in mind, ESPN sent a reporter to try and track him down.

A Q&A with Aaron Gray. Gray said he looks forward to making millions of dollars, buying a Bentley, and spending lots of time with groupies. Or not. I guess you have to click the link now.

The trailer for Seinfeld: The Horror Movie is finally up. A masterpiece. is profiled by the New York Times. And as of last night, Conan announced the site has had over 4 million hits in the first week.

A rap beef I'd never predict in 1,000 years: Kanye West vs. Evel Knievel.

A Velvet Underground record, purchased at a flea market for .75, fetches $155,401 on eBay.

Some info we could all use...what to eat and what to avoid at midnight.

Everybody Loves Raymond dad Peter Boyle passes away at the age of 71.


James said...

What the heck did Joey Porter say? No one seems to have the balls to print it.

Bic said...

He said fag. I honestly think that websites and newspapers tiptoeing their way around saying the damn word instead of coming out and saying it are making the story worse than it is.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Porter, anyone notice he joined this year's cast of "The Real World"?