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Mike and Mike Descend on Pittsburgh, Again

ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike will visit Pittsburgh yet again, this time from the Marriott City Center (across from the Arena) tomorrow morning at 6 AM.
Golic attempts to eat his microphone
Here's a prediction of how it goes down: Golic teases Greenie, Greenie talks about the Jets, they play Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You song while discussing Chad Pennington, they'll analyze "what went wrong with the 2006 Steelers", and many Pittsburghers will skip work and start drinking at 7 AM (the announced opening time of the Marriott's bar).
Pittsburgh has a strange fascination with this tag-team. They pack the people in each and every trip they make to the city. And don't forget, their radio show is simulcast from 6-10 on ESPN2. I'm sure Pittsburghers will not disappoint a national television audience. There's nothing like showing drunken Steeler fans at 8 in the morning to really illustrate the finer points of our city.
It's a big day for the station, who has a number of live remotes planned around an incredibly uninteresting football game. Junker and Crow will shove off on a three-hour tour on the Gateway Clipper (actually, they're just broadcasting from the docks) at 5 PM. Following the game, Mark Madden & Stan Savran broadcast live from a bar in Wexford. I would think two of local radio's biggest names would be given a better assignment than a suburb bar at 11 PM on a weeknight, but I guess not.
So go check out Mike and Mike. Or not. Whatever you do, I'm sure they'll be back soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Mike and Mike Suck and Suck. The one is just a big former football player who thinks he knows other sports than football but doesn't. The other reminds me of one of a whinning ten year old who regularly got his ass kicked at recess. I can't stomach those guys. They make me wanna puke!

Mike said...

Make sure you stop by and say hi to us then "anonymous." I'll show you who is a whinning (sp.) ten year old.

Anonymous said...

Greenie is the hottest gay man I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Golic sucks, Greenie swallows.

Anonymous said...

There's a bar in Wexford!?!

N.A. '80