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Is Borat a College?

Anyone else catch that 201-78 victory that Lincoln U. put on Ohio State-Marion recently? Well, ESPN did, and a writer named Joseph Santoliquito wrote a very interesting article on some of the milestones reached in the game.
But I was tipped off to a little tidbit below the "Margin of Victory" stat box that the article posted. Read this for yourself and tell me if anything stands out:
"The previous largest margin of victory in a Division III game was 112 points, set by Eureka College in a 149-37 victory over Borat on Nov. 29, 1989. "
According to my research, there is no Borat College or Borat University. Can anyone out there verify that this school ever existed, or was ESPN the victim of a Borat-crazed hacker?

Did Borat really lose by 112 in 1989?


Anonymous said...

FWIW, merely because it sparked a memory: In college I played on an intramural team that lost a game 157-51 (think it was eight-minute quarters). For those of you with looooong memories, the other team had Sonny Lewis, who was sitting out a semester for his transfer from Pitt to Point Park. Think he put up 44. When Sonny couldn't make it, the same team had Terry Peavy, also sitting out his Pitt transfer and who went on to become a low draft choice of the Cavaliers. Believe it or not, there was another team in the league that could hang with these guys.

Anyway, I never played organized ball above a junior high level, and I scored two points in that game. One of the great moments of my life.

Anonymous said...

Barat College was a school located in Lake Forest Illinois. Some years back, the institution and all its assets were purchased by DePaul University.

I suspect the school you are looking for is not Borat... but Barat

mondesishouse said...

Finally, an answer to this burning question. Abefroman, I thank you.