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Cheers Casting Call, Joey Porter vs The Solider, RIP Colts Defense, 2007 NFL Mock Draft Update, Hot Stove Index, Whipple to BC, Rap Impressions

NFL: does a sports casting call of TV's Cheers. Highlights include Joe Namath as Sam Malone and Terry Bradshaw as Woody.
Joe Starkey is critical of the Steelers' lack of comment on Joey Porter's "derogatory term often used to describe someone's sexual orientation" about Kellen Winslow. Joey was just trying to be like Ozzie Guillen, that's all.
ESPN's Len Pasquarelli gives us his eulogy of the 2006 Indianapolis Colts defense after their Sunday performance vs. Jacksonville.
NFL Draft Countdown gives us a new 2007 NFL Mock Draft, and they're sticking to Texas' Justin Blalock, a guard, becoming a Steeler next year. Also of note: Brady Quinn, #1, to Detroit; Adrian Peterson to Cleveland at #9; and Darrelle Revis to San Fran at #11.
ESPN has crafted a 2006/2007 Hot Stove Index, which gives us a team-by-team breakdown of projected starters, who they've gained, who they've lost, and their current free agents.
Boston College is considering playing Whipple Ball in 2007, as they try and woo the Steelers' QB coach to replace the departed Tom O'Brien as head coach.
COLLEGE HOOPS:'s Luke Winn gives us his revised Power Rankings. Pitt has moved up to #5, yet still rank behind Wichita State and Butler. After watching the Panthers barely squeak by Buffalo on Saturday, I'd have a hard time arguing the Panthers to be much higher, though.
In a story that sounds like it came from a Discovery Channel lost at sea special, Canadiens GM Bob Gainey's 25-year-old daughter was washed off the covered deck of a Caribbean-bound vessel by a large wave Friday night.
I've become a very tough judge of comedic talent. There seems to be a lack of quality material these days. But after witnessing Mad TV's Aries Spears' rap impersonations on Conan O'Brien last week, I laughed out loud. I couldn't find the Conan appearance, but I did manage to dig up Spears doing his thing on BET. He does dead-on impressions of LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, DMX and Jay-Z in the span of a few minutes. This is my five-star recommendation. You must watch this video.

Giant Magazine gives us 50 great 1980s commercials, with Youtube evidence, of course.
Deadspin tells us that Will Ferrell is making a movie about the ABA. Too bad the Pittsburgh Xplosion just moved to the CBA.
Brangelina made a Pitt Stop in Fayette County this weekend. They did not hang out with Sienna Miller.
On the count of three, Say "Blitzburgh"

Comedic genius and star of Mondesi favorite Freddy Got Fingered, actor Rip Torn did like Deltha O'Neal and got himself a DWI.
With a name like Rip, what did you expect?


Anonymous said...

To the guy that wrote the Brangelina thing for the PG, is Fayette County in the midwest?! I never considered Western PA the midwest... I considered it the southwest corner of the northeast. The Ohio state-line is officially where the midwest starts.

And give Pitt a break, it's college basketball not football. Close wins don't mean quite as much. All the really matters is you win.

Dirty Sanchez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dirty Sanchez said...

I have as much chance of being named the Pirates starting catcher as Ryan Doumit.

Not that I blame ESPN for putting minimal effort into scouting the Pirates.

Anonymous said...

Brangelina, huh?

Did Ms. Joile adopt a needy child from Uniontown?

Also, as Louis Lipps noted above, the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area is not located in the Midwest. Yes, we're hanging on to the edge, but we're Northeasterners at heart.

For proof, I offer the following:

Pittsburgh is located at exactly 80 degrees west longitude, placing my hometown further east than both Atlanta and Charlotte.

I've heard this subject debated many times over the years. Further proof lies in the mountainous topography of Western PA, and the fact the Pittsburghers have their own accent, as opposed to the "Great Lakes" accent found in Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit, where they ask, "Would you like fries with thee-at?"

Anonymous said...

The 1980's commercials are hilarious. People still reference the clapper and I swear you can still buy Chia Pets. Was the 1980's the golden decade for commercials??

Anonymous said...


Exactly!! The midwest if flat, Pittsburgh is in the mountains!

The only thing we have in common with the midwest is we both say "pop". That's it, that's where it ends. Other than that, NOT the midwest!

We're sort of like if you took the east coast (Philly, NYC, Boston) and the south (or actually just West Virginia), threw them in a blender and added a dash of the midwest.