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Bonds in FLA, Littlefield Blows It, Pittsburgh Hosts Another All Star Game, NFL Draft Do-Over

Steve Phillips interviewing Barry Bonds at the Winter Meetings was high comedy at its absolute finest. But seriously, how bizarre was it to see one of the game's all-time greats on a glorified job interview?
In ESPN's Hot Stove roundup, I see that Kenny Lofton is asking for $6 million a year. Let me get this straight...he played for a little over a million for the Buccos in 2003, now he'll be four years older, and he gets a sixfold raise?
Speaking of the Pirates, good ol' Dave Littlefield apparently killed the potential Adam LaRoche trade by dragging his feet with the Braves. Remind me, why do we care about the Pirates again?
The Pittsburgh Xplosion, the Official Basketball Team of Mondesi's House, will be hosting the 2008 CBA All-Star Game. But my favorite quote in the article is from owner FredEx Lewis, who muses, "It's very important for us to win now so we can show people we're serious about bringing the CBA championship to Pittsburgh." I can't speak for all of you, but I know I won't take them seriously until they bring home that first championship.
Feeling sorry for Mike Shula? You won't once you see that he'll be raking in $63,492.06 A MONTH starting today and lasting through January 31, 2012.
Mike doesn't have to worry about waiting tables anymore
ESPN's Power Rankings: The Pens freefall to #21, giving the Steelers a run at who can fall lower in the fictitious rankings category.
After Jim Mora's "Michael Vick is a coach killer" comment, he decided it would be a good idea to leave the airwaves.
I always wondered how the NFL calculated their passer ratings. After looking it up, I can only wish I was less curious. I think I need another degree to figure out how bad Rex Grossman sucks.
SI's Don Banks re-does the 2006 NFL Draft. This time, the Steelers would take Missouri "slash" WR Brad Smith (now with the Jets). I wonder, does Don Banks ever watch football, or did he win his job in a contest, like ESPN Dream Job?
Every year, you can count on a few things in sports:
1. The Pirates having a losing record
2. The Colts winning at least 11 games and then crumbling in the playoffs
3. Terrell Owens getting too much attention
Conan O'Brien did a segment on new college mascots Monday night. He mentioned a fictitious website called "", and afterwards, the suits at NBC advised him that when you mention a fake website on the air, you have to buy the domain name. Done and done. And in day one, the site had over 1.5 million page views.

Damon Wayans, first victim of the Laugh Factory's ban on N-bombs, has been banned for three months.
Farrah Fawcett, the "it" girl of the 1970s, just completed cancer treatment. A lot of people will remember Farrah for her work in Charlie's Angels. Believe it or not, I've never seen a single episode of that show. But I can say that she had a pretty funny role in the cinematic classic Cannonball Run, one of my all-time favorites.
Anyone catch that new movie Turistas? You know, the one with the trailer where the girl says, "Anyone mind if I take my top off?", then it morphs into a grizzly bloodfest? Well, the movie is supposed to take place in Brazil. And Brazil is not too thrilled about the way it has been portrayed. So it has taken to the defensive, a la Kazakhstan with Borat.


Anonymous said...

hey, i don't work for bucco blog... but i follow it very closely. you should check out the "real" story that the guy posted yesterday about the littlefield deal. he claims that the media killed it, not littlefield. i dont know how to link so just type in

Anonymous said...

and how about those xplosion? apparently it was a good game. someone said there were like 1,000 announced but only 500 watching....

Anonymous said...

who should I believe...Littlefield or others? I choose others. Past history baby, past history. He overvalues EVERYONE in the Pirates and then makes panic trades. IF he makes trades.

Marcus T said...

Haha, that Conan O'Brien story reminds me of when some crappy show HBO did "Mind of the Married Man". I think that was the title anyway. They referenced a site called "". Being the curious young male I am, I ventured to the site, and saw it had a pic of the cast of the show.

Btw, don't hold me to the exact name of the site. I could be off by a word. Girlfriend is lurking, would hate to key in the wrong address.

Andy said...

That's funny about Don Banks. I was thinking: Why would the Browns draft Nick Mangold? Kamerion Wimbley seems to me like a no brainer as a "re-draft".

So, I think perhaps you were close when you wrote that he won the job in the ESPN Dream Job contest. Or, he had too much to drink and it was deadline time.