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Mark Cuban's Regret, Ocho's Fine, Maulers Gear, Fire Greenie?

Mark Cuban, a.k.a. the "Blog Maverick", tells the world how he wished the bought the Penguins and how he got Evgeni Malkin's autograph at the NBA exhibition in Pittsburgh. Fascinating.
Ocho Cinco was just fined Cinco Thousand Dollars.

The real reason behind Tiki Barber's sudden retirement?
Mrs. Tiki Barber.

The blog Lead and Gold thinks
Ben Roethlisberger has an evil twin throwing all those INTs.

Loyal Mondesi reader Russell notifies us of the
Pittsburgh Maulers apparel collection, now for sale online
This blogger asks, "Should Mike Greenberg be fired?". I say "no, let's see how long they'll keep beating the whole Odd Couple bit into the ground."


Anonymous said...

Re Maulers gear: I never thought I'd see the orange/purple/gray again once my T-shirt got too small and I disposed of it (don't have my Pittsburgh Triangles T anymore either). What's next, retro Pittsburgh Gladiators gear? That one I still have.

Wish now that I'd swiped the Maulers media guide (and those of several other USFL teams) from the newspaper I worked for at the time. Hurt me, Mondesi: How much would it be worth?

Steeltown Mike said...

Re: Greenberg

I've enjoyed how the same guy (or two) kept changing nicknames and telling the author how he should be fired.

From what I could gather, he's a blogger, too, not a reporter.

Heck, my 3rd-ever podcast I said that Temple was in the Big East last year. I got called on that. I think something like that dashes ones credibility more than having an opinion on whether what Greeny said was sexist.

My take: "woman down" is strictly meant to insult the testosterone-laden athlete. But it can definitely be a double-edged sword in today's overly-PC society.

mondesishouse said...


About $15-$20 on the Mauler media guide. But the 1984 Topps USFL card set is a cool $300. You don't have a few of those sitting around by chance?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Pittsburgh Gladiators, who went on to become the Tampa Bay... Storm I think, and won a bunch of Arena Bowls down here.

Funny thing down here. They have signs up that say "Tampa: City of Champions" (get all the laughter out now).

Anyways, on the sign they site the 2002 Super Bowl, the 2004 Stanley Cup.... and The Arena Bowl championships!!!

Ok, now one Super Bowl and Stanley Cup are good... but not quite enough for "City of Champions" status. You CANNOT stick the Arena Bowl on the sign and think that gives you "City of Champions" credibility!!

Sheesh... people down here from northern cities must have a blast laughing at that sign.

By the way, I gotta get me one of those Maulers shirts!

Also, just checked and Mitchell and Ness sell Pittsburgh ABA basketball jerseys!

Anonymous said...

I have long named all of my fantasy teams after the Pittsburgh Maulers.

I have already requested the Maulers Hoody for my xmas gift.

Thanks for the post very much appreciated!!