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10 Best NFL Games Left, Jackie Christie's Haters List, College FB Playoffs, NFL All Disappointment Team, Comedy Soundboards

John Clayton lists the 10 best games of the second half. Funny, I don't see any Steeler games on this list...
Terry Bowden shows us how a college football playoff would work. Which would be taking the top eight ranked teams, seeding them 1-8, and advancing the top teams so Ohio State eventually faces Michigan. Groundbreaking work.
NBA wife Jackie Christie has developed a "Haters List". It's sort of like Richard Nixon's Enemies List, if Nixon's list were a bunch of bloggers and sports parody websites. Congratulations to DJ Gallo for making the cut! has a list of athletes who have registered handguns. No Steelers on the list...the Rooneys would be proud.
Dr. Z. takes time out from picking football games with Brooklyn Decker to give us his midseason All-Disappointment team. I assumed there would be at least 53 Pittsburgh Steelers on his squad, but alas, just three made the cut.
This site has soundboards for just about every TV show, movie, and cartoon you could ever imagine: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Borat, Howard Stern, Dane Cook, Mr. Rogers, Chris Farley...the list goes on and on. Amazing stuff.
Finally, the new Spiderman 3 trailer is up. For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of a Spiderman fanatic, going back to the "Spiderman and His Amazing Friends" era. It's a bit of nostalgia to my younger days. So bear with me if I get a little excited for the newest edition, featuring Sandman as the villain. I always thought he was Spidey's most difficult opponent. Really, how do you beat a guy who can shift into sand at any time? You can't put him in jail, he just seeps through the cracks. In the cartoons, he usually got tossed into a cement mixer, which was convenient. But I digress...enjoy the trailer:


Anonymous said...

I would bet a significant amount of money that at least one Steeler has a registered handgun. Like Seinfeld says..."Not that there's anything wrong with that"!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the NFL won't have any problems with Terry Bowden's "December Delirium" scheduling.

Anonymous said...

No one said that no Steelers have handguns.

They just said they didn't have REGISTERED handguns.

....Najeh Davenport, as the team's sole player from "The U", I'm lookin at you buddy!

(By the way, this was in no way an attempt to make fun of the tragedy they had down at Miami this past week... just poking fun at the Universities, shall we say, checkered past.)

Anonymous said...

This pretty much has nothing to do with anything here, but I came across an awesome Pitt Blog: