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1 Hines = 21 Colbys

Who knew that the Mondesi daily links blurb could cause such a problem? On Tuesday, I posted a link citing Hines Ward's December appearance at Ross Park Mall and the $175 fee to have your item signed by #86. I thought that was a pretty steep price for a guy who is a willing signer when caught in-person...for free! The story was then mentioned by Mark Madden on his ESPN 1250 show here in Pittsburgh. According to Madden, word trickled back to Ward that this information (which was already public!) was mentioned on Madden's show. Hines hit the roof and had a Steeler rep call the station. Madden then pointed out that this signing was posted on the BC Sports website and that the price was indeed $175 for flats and $199 for equipment.
The Madden/Ward discussion spilled into the Pittsburgh Game Night show that follows Madden's, where it was discussed by hosts Chris Mack and Ken Laird.
Being the curious writer that I am, I was poking around the BC Sports website tonight to see if there were any other similar events planned for the near future. Other than a bunch of lower-rung athletes appearing in their Eastern PA and New Jersey stores, I do have an interesting note for Pens fans. Your favorite Harland Williams lookalike, Colby Armstrong, will be appearing at the BC Sports at Pittsburgh Mills Mall on November 21. And the price for his autograph? A mere $8, or $15 for equipment. So for the cost of one Hines Ward autograph, you could land 21 signatures from this up-and-coming Penguin, with $7 to spare! I'll be very curious to see the turnouts of these events. Anyone out there plan on attending?
Harland Williams is the guy you always see in movies, but don't know his name...the cop in Dumb and Dumber, one of the Sorority Boys, and Tom Green's best friend in the classic Freddy Got Fingered. I proudly admit that I own all three of these films.
I'd also like to add a big thanks to Mr. Madden, who has been a great supporter of Mondesi's House. The mentions are always appreciated! You can listen to Mark weekdays from 3-7 EST on ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh or you can listen online by visiting their website


Dr Obvious said...

So, I assume he was mad because someone is charging that much, and he didn't know about it? Or is he mad that he's getting bad press?

Anonymous said...

Hines is very protective of his image. He's probably thinks it looks bad when he's getting $175 for a signature. Of course, fans would find out about it sooner or later. Other Steelers charge for their autographs, but Hines charges the most. Most of them are $10-$20 at malls or shows.

Jules said...

I have to say Mondesi may be part of a very small Madden fanbase....they tear him up on every Steelers message board. Hear he just got canned!