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Mr. Vogelsong Goes to Japan, Paul Rhoads to Iowa State?, 2007 NFL Mock Draft, Jessica and Romo?, Michigan-OSU News

Ryan Vogelsong, Hanshin Tiger. (top-notch work by Bucs Dugout)
I can only top that with...Paul Rhoads, your next Iowa State football coach?
The latest 2007 NFL Mock Draft is up, and it is projected that Brady Quinn will absorb the beating Andrew Walter is currently taking in Oakland. The Steelers, in at #19 in the writer's eyes, will take RB Kenny Irons from Auburn.
Three things I know: 1. Dr. Z. is a cranky old man 2. He ranks the Colts #1 in his Power Rankings. 3. He ranks the Steelers #21. And unlike the "short-memoried" Peter King, he did not rank Miami #15 this week.
Is Jessica Simpson dating Tony Romo? Does that make her a RomoSexual?
In other news on the biggest game in the history of sports, Michigan extremists have threatened to behead Ohio State's mascot.

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Steeltown Mike said...

Since Xavier Nady now wears "Double Deuce", there really wasn't any reason for Vogelsong to return to the Pirates...