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Leon Washington - the New Billy Ripken?, Duquesne Opener, $51 Million to Negotiate, Power Rankings, PA Casinos

The Red Sox pay $51 million to negotiate with a Japanese pitcher , which is more than the 2006 opening day payrolls in Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Tampa Bay and Florida. Yep, baseball's in great shape.
ESPN's Andy Katz writes a nice piece on Duquesne's season opener on Monday night.

Stewart Mandel unleashes his
College Football rankings on us. Let's see...1, Big 10...2, Big 10...3, SEC...4, SEC...
On the topic of Power Rankings, our Penguins fall to #16 according to the puckheads at SI.
We have a J.R. House sighting! Thanks to reader Jason for the link.'s story on the
Leon Washington middle finger rookie card. This generation's Billy Ripken F-Face. I'm certainly hoping this will get kids interested in cards again.
Pennsylvania's first casino opens in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday. That might be a bad influence on all those Baby Penguins.

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Anonymous said...

$51 million....beautiful.

And the tossers in Boston complain about the Yankees "buying" their players.

To the rest of the baseball world, there is no difference between the Sox and Yanks.