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Malkin, Miami, Monday Night Football, Front Butts, NBA Draft, Steve Wynn

Huge reaction to the Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings II piece yesterday. Thanks to all for making it a great success. But it sorta backed me up on a number of quality stories. So here's a giant group of links to peruse.

Evgeni Malkin scores his 1st NHL goal in his 1st NHL game, but the Pens fall to New Jersey, 2-1. (Post Gazette)

The Isle of Capri Casino plan has
received the full endorsement from the Pittsburgh Gaming Task Force. Your move, Ed Rendell. (Post Gazette)

For critics of the new Monday Night Football team, here's an article you're sure to enjoy. (Deadspin)

The Front Butt Hall of Fame is finally here. From Armchair GM:

What exactly is a Front Butt? Well I’m glad you asked. As
Urban Dictionary so eloquently put it, a front butt is “an enormous, fatty enlargement of the abdomen, genital, and thigh region that morphs together to create the appearance of a bulbous ass on a persons front.”

Donna Shalala won't throw athletes under the bus. Miami is a victim. Think you've heard it all before?
You have. (Florida Sun Sentinel, via Deadspin)

Giant Magazine asks, "Who's the Absolute Worst Announcer on TV?" Great list, but the lack of Joe Theismann hurts its credibility.

Here's a pretty good reaming of the
ACC's empty promises from The Charlotte Observer. Great read for Big East fans.

How will Miami punish their players? By making them attend class.

Mondesi commentator Steeltown Mike re-recorded the song "Bad Day" with Pirate-related lyrics. These are the things people do during a 14-year losing streak.'s Dr. Z. just released his power rankings. Let me ruin them for you: Steelers are #18.

If the NBA Draft today, Aaron Gray would go #19 to Sacramento. If it were up to

Casino owner Steve Wynn just put his elbow through a $139 million painting. Oops.

Finally, here's a new video of Mondesi's House favorite Borat. Judging from the clicks, I can see many of you are also fans. So you'll probably like this clip. You'll also like the fact that the Kazakhstan central bank has misspelled the word “bank” on its new notes. So it looks like Borat's reports of Kazakhstan are pretty much dead-on. (WWTDD)


E Buzz said...

How can anyone be surprised at Donna Shalala trotting out the old liberal garbage? That kind of thougt was responsible for crime in NYC, the projects in Chicago being straight from hell.

Liberals love criminals. A President of a University saying "thrown under the bus".

Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

I've been known to lean towards the left a little on some things, and I certainly don't love criminals.

Don't make wild generalizations my friend.

Donna Skakalakkalalakacka defended the players because she loves the money they bring to her University. Had nothing to do with what happens when she enters the voting booth every couple of years.

vinnie said...

I haven't seen any coverage of Malkin's debut last night, so let me be the first to comment that it is a great omen that his first slapper in the igloo broke the glass behind the net!!