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Steelers to get Jerry Porter or Randy Moss?

"Pittsburgh reportedly prefers Porter because he's cheaper, but Moss would fit better outside and could push Cedrick Wilson and/or Santonio Holmes into the slot. Oakland would likely command draft picks instead of current Steelers players, although Joey Porter (hamstring) could be a consideration. A trade, like most blockbuster NFL deals, will still be tough to complete"
I find this extremely hard to believe. Could a full moon be coming to Heinz Field? That would be a disgusting act.

Thanks to loyal readers Bob and Jim for the tip.


Anonymous said...

If the Raiduhs want a first-round pick, I've got one for them: Santonio Holmes. And Jerry Porter is about as good a wideout as Joey Porter.

Anonymous said...

Santonio will be fine. Give the kid some time. Time fixes everything. Time makes receivers better players, and hopefully clears their criminal records.

By the way, isn't the site that's notorious for basically making shit up?

And thanks for the clip. It reminded me of how bad listening to Joe Buck do the MLB playoffs AND the Fox NFL game of the week is.

Speaking of which, am I the only one thoroughly amused by Lou Piniella on color commentary?

Anonymous said...

How would they put the names on the back of the jerseys if there were two J. Porters? Jo. Porter and Je. Porter? I would think that leads to the jeers of "Jo Jo" and "Je Je"....

Anonymous said...

Joey Porter's jersey would read, "Pizzy." Jerry Porter's would read "Douchebag."

Anonymous said...

Remarkably, even when Joey Porter moves on from the Steelers they have another just as gifted (and perhaps emotionally unstable) stud linebacker waiting in the wings..

I'm talking, of course, about the man they call Silverback, James Harrison.

Anonymous said...

Is "Silverback" on the back of his jersey?

Oh, yeah, James Harrison is unfortunately going to be out with an injury. The "stud" they have wiating in the wings is, well, Arnold Harrison. Or, maybe it's Arnold Ziffel, I'm not sure. In any case, cover one eye and hope for the best.

By the way, Kendall Simmons has been ruled out, too. Seems he burned his foot. With some ice. Huh? Was it dry ice? I'm confused again.

Anonymous said...

I love trade rumors as much as the next guy, and Moss would surely help the team, but he has almost $5 million remaining on his 2006 salary and will make something like $20 million over the next 2 years (as reported on today). The team grudgingly paid Hines less than that, and won't pay it to guy like Moss. Besides, they don't have that kind of cap room, especially after they signed Snakehandler Brown for almost a mil. Not sure about Jerry Porter's contract situation, but if they go after him, the Steelers must be worse off and more desperate than we're willing to believe.

The Steelers don't put initials on their jerseys. Both Silverback and Ah-nold both simply have "Harrison" on their backs. Another reason to love the team.

Anonymous said...


Calm down, Joe Buck. Tim McCarver's shoe polish brown hair is disgusting.

Moss is entertaining.

And would look good in Black & Gold.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Coach Cowher kept his receipt when he drafted Santonio.