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Pitt Wins, Malkin Update, The Staal Bowl, Another Appendectomy, The Top Wrestler Actors and more

Pitt Wannstached their way to a 52-7 win over Central Florida on Friday night in front of whatever national TV audience wasn't watching the NLCS. Larod Stephens-Howling once again led the way, rolling up 135 yards on the ground to go along with three TDs. He's making fantasy college football players very happy these days. Tyler Palko continued his strong start by going 11-for-15 for 172 yards and 2 TDs in three quarters of work. He gave way to backup Bill Stull, who tossed his first career TD pass late in the game.
Next up for Pitt is now-#24 Rutgers, who should be 6-0 after presumably disposing of Navy today. I don't think this line has ever been said out loud in the history of mankind, but "it's a big matchup between Pitt and Rutgers".

Other newsworthy links this morn':

ESPN does a Power-Conference breakdown of college basketball, and look who's on top of the Big East! (

Kendall Simmons found a creative way out of the lineup before he was benched: the old "fall asleep with the ice compress on the foot" trick. This rash of injuries has sure been disappointing. But don't worry, the Steelers will have Randy Moss and/or Jerry Porter by Monday, and then we can start looking at designs for new Super Bowl rings. (Post Gazette)

Don Banks is trying to make rhyme or reason of the NFL's unexpected stories for 2006. I'm trying to make rhyme or reason why Don Banks thinks 10-year backup Damon Huard is such an unbelievable quarterback. (

Bengals QB Anthony Wright had an appendectomy. I guess the Bengals will be forced to start Carson Palmer for the near future. (

Two of the 122 hockey-playing Staal brothers, Eric and Jordan, face off tonight in Pittsburgh. The hype has not quite reached Manning Bowl-levels. (Post Gazette)

Evgeni Malkin Update: Here's an update: don't let Sergei Gonchar dress you. The guy wears a shirt with freakin keyboards on it. As for his health, he may play as early as Wednesday, writes Dave Molinari. (Post Gazette)
Perfect Strangers II?

IGN offers their Top 10 Wrestler-to-Actor Transistions. Wait, wrestlers aren't actors? (


Anonymous said...

I think Gonchar got that shirt from Michael Jackson's closet (circa the "Beat It" video).


Anonymous said...

Wannstached! Ha! This is awesome!