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Monday Morning Wrapup

Bucs 14, Bengals 13 - Bruce Gradkowski continues the great tradition of Western PA quarterbacks (Charlie Batch, Gus Frerotte, Mike McMahon, etc) in leading the Bucs to a last-minute victory over Cincinnati. Gradkowski was upset at the Steelers for not selecting him, but again, I will repeat that Omar Jacobs was the right choice for Pittsburgh.
As for the Bengals, since beating the Steelers they've been slaughtered by New England and defeated by a winless Tampa Bay team led by a QB making his 2nd career start. Let's not size Chad Johnson for that Super Bowl ring just yet.
Panthers 23, Ravens 21 - The Steve McNair Injury Watch, as predicted here and here by your fearless leader in the preseason, is finally underway. So here's what we have in Baltimore: McNair is injured, McNair bandwagoneers were jumping off at a record pace BEFORE his injury, and to further muddle the waters, Kyle Boller tossed 3 TDs in relief today. Do you hear that? That noise all the way from Maryland? Sounds like a brewing QB controversy to me.
Lions 20, Bills 17 - Detroit nets their first win of the season behind an impressive 161 yards from Roy Williams. That's the mouthy WR, not the Carolina coach/Huckleberry Hound lookalike. That would have been really impressive.

Jets 20, Dolphins 17 - Nick Saban continues to stand out as the black sheep of the Parcells Family Tree as the Dolphins fall to 1-5. Joey Blue Skies has proven he's not the answer at QB either, with a TD/INT Ratio of 1 to 4 since starting last week. But I'm sure the Dolphins will rally at the end of the season, sign a big free agent, and be right back in the hunt as a Super Bowl Sleeper next year.
The world as presented through Joey Harrington goggles

Saints 27, Eagles 24 - The Saints are officially on a roll, and if you don't like them, you are basically spitting on New Orleans. Or so the media would have you believe. In other Saints news, Reggie Bush and Jon Lovitz want you to EAT STEAK!
The Lovitz signing relegated Jared Fogle to backup status on the Subway Depth Chart

Broncos 13, Raiders 3 - I think the Raiders were so uninterested in this game, the Broncos got bored. Oakland actually outgained Denver 244-235, but alas, they still fell to 0-5. Lamont Jordan managed just 2.6 yards per carry, and Andrew Walter had only 13 completions for the Raiders. In the sage words of Moe Szyslak, this wasn't ugly, it wasn't fugly, it wasn't pug ugly, it wasn't even pug fugly. It was ugly ugly.
Who better to sum up the Raiders than Moe?
Titans 25, Redskins 22 - Vince Young gets his first NFL victory while upending the $6 million playbook. Antwaan Randle El contributes one catch and one lost fumble for the Redskins. Daniel Snyder channels George Steinbrenner for advice.
Mets 12, Cardinals 5 - Oliver Perez goes 5 2/3, gives up 9 hits and 5 earned runs, and still gets the win. Tony Larussa and Brian Billick losing on the same day gives joy to an entire nation.


Pie said...

woo hoo!

go Boller.

Russell Lucas said...

I love how Herm Edwards took two-- TWO-- timeouts yesterday after putting in his second team QB and RB and conceding the game. The guy can't manage the clock even when his team's getting blown out.

Also, can we get MONDESI'S HOUSE behind the nickname The Dump Truck for Davenport?

Anonymous said...

I tried to get people behind the "Dump Truck" nickname at the Steelers bar here last night.

They all looked at me like I was retarded.