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Monday Morning Wrapup

Wow...what an action packed weekend of sports. Pitt-Syracuse, Penn State-Minnesota, and Jaguars-Jets. Plus a few other games you might have noticed.
Eagles 38, Cowboys 24- If I heard one more story about the Philadelphia crowd, I had a barf bag waiting by my side. I don't know if someone's ever been hospitalized for Sal Palantonio-itis, but I liked my odds on Sunday. What a colossal, overhyped waste of time. The Philly fans proved more bark than bite, much like their punchless hockey team that the Penguins took out to the woodshed on Thursday night. Wow, they yelled in the background of the ESPN set. Go to any college in the US and you'll get the same. Probably worse. Like signs such as this (thanks Deadspin):

Corso loves WHAT?

Pitt 21, Syracuse 11- Tyler Palko is the #2 rated QB in college football right now, with a 186 rating. That's about 150 points higher than Big Ben, which means the Steelers might want to think about drafting a QB that's six times as good as the one they have. Pitt also traded for some guy named LaRod Stephens-Howling who ran for 222 yards on Saturday. Much like Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jaguars, Stephens-Howling is just another in the renaissance of hyphenated, diminuitive running backs this season.

Minnesota 27, Penn State 21- That was the actual score, but the refs felt like watching some more football, so they decided to call a penalty that never happened on Minnesota. JoePa escapes with a win against a coach that was treated to the chant of "Fire Mason" in the first half. Good stuff.

Notre Dame 31, Stanford 10- The Walt Harris Watch is officially "on". The former Panther mastermind is now 0-6, with games at #3 USC and #16 Cal still looming on the schedule. Although I think they could beat the Raiders.

Penguins 0, Red Wings 2- A defensive battle at the Igloo on Saturday night. The Flightless Birds managed just 13 shots against Dominik Hasek, and not even Jean-Claude Van Damme could save them on this night. I don't believe any octopi found their way onto the ice.

Yankees Lose...theeee Yankees lose! I doubt many people outside of the Bronx shed a tear when the reincarnation of Murderer's Row got beat by a team that was 43-119 in 2003. So if I follow the logic, does that mean that the Pirates will beat the Tigers in the 2009 playoffs?

Mets eliminate Dodgers - I know, it was all Joe Beimel's fault that the Dodgers lost. But for comedic purposes, we all want to cheer for the Mets and hope for an appearance by Oliver Perez in a playoff situation.

Bears 40, Bills 7 - So much for Dick Jauron getting revenge on the team that fired him. The Bears beat the Bills like DB Ricky Manning beats nerds on laptops. Also, Rex Grossman plays in his career high 5th consecutive game.

Rams 23, Packers 20 - Anyone notice that former Steeler backup backup backup backup backup running back Noah Herron ran for 106 yards in this one? Also, anyone notice that a man just sentenced to 90 days in jail had 4 catches in the very same game?

Arod Traded? There's a lot of speculation that Alex Rodriguez may be on the trading block. Of course, much of this comes from ESPN's Steve Phillips, who famously failed to sign ARod as GM of the Mets and never wants to see him succeed in New York City. Everytime Phillips talks about ARod, going back a few months now, he rants about how he needs to be moved. However, every time I talk about ARod, I tell people the story about how he answered the hotel door at 1 AM in a perfectly pressed suit for Red Sox execs in 2003.

The Perfect Season - The Oakland Raiders have a legit shot at going a perfect 0-for-16 in 2006. They're already 1/4 of the way there after losing to the lowly 49ers on Sunday. Randy Moss had a season-high 5 catches, giving him the grand total of 12 for the season. Which is still 12 more than Jerry Porter.

Saints 24, Bucs 21 - Pittsburgh's own Bruce Gradkowski made his NFL debut, throwing for 225 yards and 2 TDs for the Bucs. He seems like a pretty productive, polished young quarterback. Just like the guy the Steelers drafted instead, Omar Jacobs.

Chiefs 23, Cardinals 20- Larry Johnson completed the trifecta of fantasy suicide on Sunday, with the unanimous top three picks this year (LJ, Tomlinson, Shaun Alexander) all rushing for 36 yards or less. Johnson might be out for the Steeler game next week, but I'm sure someone like Eddie Kennison or Dante Hall will step up and find a way to beat the Steelers.

Giants 19, Redskins 3 - Al Saunders' 700-page playbook continues to pay dividends, as it is carried out each week by brilliant football minds like this man:

Patriots 20, Dolphins 10- Yep, all those Dolphins Super Bowl picks are looking pretty silly right now. Joey Harrington's your starting QB, Ronnie Brown is running for 55 yards a game, and you're STILL losing to the Patriots.

Colts 14, Titans 13- The Colts overcome a heroic 63 yard passing performance from Vince Young en route to a dramatic victory over the feared Titans. For those of you scoring at home, that's a 1-point win against the Titans and a 3-point win against the Jets in consecutive weeks. This team is hot. But don't worry about another undefeated run this year. Peyton is at New England on November 5.


Anonymous said...

Tom Jackson just said that Wes Welker reminds him of Tim Dwight. I guess there has never ever ever been a black wide receiver that was 5'10" 190 lbs.

Anonymous said...

I always love it when Angry Homer hangs out behind Herbstreit during the telecast.

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Hey Monde,

Where's your House? I almost passed your blog by!

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The house photo had to come down, but we are currently working on a revised logo that we will be able to use. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience!