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MLB Playoffs, Day One

Well, we have one day in the books in the MLB Playoffs. The A's defeated vaunted Twins pitcher Johan Santana on his own turf behind an 0-for-4 performance from Jason Kendall. Frank Thomas, of the $500,000 salary in 2006, hit two more home runs, adding on to the 39 he'd already hit this season. Just think, we could have had 8 Frank Thomases for the price of one Joe Randa this year! That Pirates front office, they are awesome!
Surprise, surprise, Albert Pujols hit the game-deciding home run in the Cardinals-Padres game. Unfortunately for the Padres, Mr. Alicia Rickter dropped a Pujols foul pop on the pitch preceding the home run. Hey, they didn't sign him for defense. Brian Giles and his shaved body managed a 2-for-3 afternoon.
Finally, we head to New York, home of the Yankees, America's Favorite Team. I get so excited every year watching the Yankees play in October; with Regis, The Donald, and Denzel; with Ronan Tynan; with the great Yankee fans. You know, they deserve to win the title every year. They're just that good. Look at Derek Jeter...5-for-5, with a home run to boot; and Alex Rodriguez, who managed to leave just three runners on base...they even have the league's best ball boy, who made a few great plays down the right field line. He actually defected from Cuba on a raft and is the league's highest paid ball boy. But the Yankees will only settle for the best.
The Yankees did give up two hits to the only Upper St. Clair resident left in the playoffs, Sean Casey. Luckily for The Mayor, at least he didn't get thrown out at first in the game.
Wednesday's Matchups:
Oakland at Minnesota, 1 PM - The Esteban Loaiza-Boof Bonser pitching matchup that everyone's been looking forward to.
LA at the Mets, 4 PM - Derek Lowe is slated to pitch for LA. With Mets pitchers dropping like flies, I believe Sid Fernandez is going to get the call for game one.
Detroit at the Yankees, 8 PM - Wow, what a surprise...the Tigers are on in prime time two nights in a row. I'm so sick of the pro-Detroit media.

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