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Haynesworth, John L., Bouchette, Wolverine

TheJim, head honcho at Sportsocracy, has some great videos from the weekend posted: Albert Haynesworth's Stomp, and John L. Smith's self-slap.
Ed Bouchette covered the Cowher Press Conference like Deion Sanders. Which is to say, he covered it well, with no tackling. Mr. Bill noted that Ricardo Colclough has developed a "neck injury", which I presume was from a choking incident last Sunday. Also on the injury report is Najeh Davenport, who amazingly has managed to get hurt despite not playing in a game.
ESPN Page 2's DJ Gallo is back at it with his MLB Playoff Breakdown. A great read!
This guy decided to turn himself into Wolverine, at a cost of time, money, and self-respect. Check out his results.
This guy's a fraud. Chad Scott was the real Wolverine.
"Nate Decided to be Wolverine" (Miami, OH University)

If you ever wanted to own the puppet from Saw, here is your chance. Personally, I think he would look great riding around the Steeler tailgate parking lot. This may go on my official Christmas list.

You know what really drove the puppet over the edge? 14 straight years of losing.
"Saw Prop Doll" (Sideshow Collectibles)
A few new blogs to mention for the Mondesi Nation to peruse..
Check out "Asian Fun and Then Some" by Mondesi commentor Mai Wen
"The Confluence", specializing in Pittsburgh Sports, by Tony from Virginia Beach
Don't forget...the Mondesi Link Challenge is still going on! Plenty of links are being posted, lots of FREE Steeler Super Bowl and Sidney Crosby rookie cards are being sent out, and one reader will take home $50!
"Mondesi Link Challenge" (the site you're reading)

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Anonymous said...

The guy posing as shoeverine looks a lot like Raul, though he'll never admit it.

Was that you, O Mondesi who posed as your hero, Shoeverine?