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Miami Hurricanes - Florida International Fight Video

I present to you "Exhibit B" in the trial of what's wrong with football players (Exhibit A being Albert Haynesworth doing his interpretation of the musical Stomp on the head of a Dallas Cowboy). For those of you wondering, the thug-wannabe who chimes in on this is former Hurricane WR Lamar Thomas. Hard to say what was worse in this video: the violence, Miami's helmet-raising rally afterwards, or Thomas' egging on of the antics.


Anonymous said...

I have two words for Lamar Thomas:

George Teague


Anonymous said...

So wait... that was a paid announcer openly rooting for one team to win in a college football brawl?

Fire the prick.

And when you start a fight with the Miami Hurrithugs, you're basically playing right into what they want. They don't even try to pretend like they have a team of student athletes. Them and their asshole fans actually feed off of being "gangstas".

Steeltown Mike said...

You hit the nail on the head, Cecil. Teague also has a way to defend home turf.

Remember this?

And Louis, Lamar Thomas might be expendable as a color guy, but it's far more automatic for the guy with the broadcast background to be fired for things like that than a former athlete. Heck, Bert Blyleven dropped a couple of f-bombs on live TV and was fined. If his broadcast partner had done the same thing, he'd probably be canned before the broadcast was over.

Megatron said...

Hey, what better fun in college than a nice brawl!? That announcer who supported the stupidity is a definite part of the problem, where that f'ing moron should be embarrassed by his comments. Oh, I love watching the dudes that come in throwing haymakers. What an upbringing, and what a way to make a mother proud than throwing random punches out a blind rage. Talk about goodsportsmanship, well you can throw that out of the mix! I love the dude who thinks he is a badass when he hits a guy when he's not looking. What a pussy! I say, any player mucking around like a two year old should be suspended for a year of school, not only from their sport, and sent to counseling and community service for a year minimum. Welcome them to the real world and get their heads screwed on straight. If they're going to act like children, treat them like children. They should be ashamed to set such a precident. I don't think a three game suspension sends the proper message to these youngsters. They are all saying, "oh well, shit, I would do the same thing again if I had the chance." Same goes for professional sports, individuals acting like assholes need to get serious help with their issues, with proof there of, or be banned from the sporting arena, let them get killed or kill someone else and lock them up and throw away the key. You get a handful of guys sending a negative message, it washes away the positives. Bunch of assholes man!

Steeltown Mike said...

So much for my prediction:

Lamar Thomas fired