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Kendall Simmons, Pitt-Rutgers, Bill Simmons NLCS Diary, OJ Admits?

If you're a Pitt fan and you like's Stewart Mandel, you won't like him any more.
ESPN's Bill Simmons wrote a running diary of the NLCS Game 7 last night. Sure, make fun of the Perez-Suppan matchup. But one team, with plenty of foresight, had both of these big-game starters on their payroll.
OJ Simpson wrote a book in which he "hypothetically" admits to the double homicide. The title of the book? If I Did It.
Maxim Online has a list of "Hockey's Toughest Bastards". Be sure to catch #1.


Anonymous said...

So it looks like we have a Detroit/St.Louis World Series...and I love it. You know ESPN is absolutely beside themselves right now. Peter Gammons, Chris Berman, and Skip Bayless are looking around exclaiming, "No A-Rod. No Big Papi. No Pedro. Not even Bonds! NOW what are we supposed to do?!" Sorry guys, looks like you're actually going to have to try to offer some unbiased perspective, rather than get by verbally fellating one of your darling teams, as in years' past.

I heard that Peter Gammons was actually supposed to be featured in one of those MLB playoff commercials featuring Tommy LaSorda. It was scrapped b/c Gammons thought LaSorda was being serious so he threw a haymaker at him and told him to go F himself.

Steeltown Mike said...

Pitt/Rutgers. Many are picking the Scarlet Knights for the mild upset, it seems, and I can't say I disagree. Pitt has played no one except Michigan State...and even the Spartans lost the Illini and blew an almost impossible-to-overcome lead to Notre Dame. I mean, UCF is like riding a bike downhill. Playing a decent team is going to be like running up that same hill, only with black ice patches.

And, since sports bettors tend to take favorites, Vegas may know what they're doing here. Same with Cincinnati being a 3-pt favorite against Carolina. Bettors like those light home faves, but Vegas likes the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Pitt/Rutgers ( I understand their reluctance, Pitt will have to prove they are better on the field the next 5 games.

Anonymous said...

After watching Pitt get run all over in every big game at Heinz Field the past 5 years, I'm almost actually preparing myself to be really let down this time tomorrow.

With a win, THIS is where the 'stache can prove once and for all that his era of Pitt football will be different than Walt Harris's.

Anonymous said...

Anyone even remotely tempted to buy OJ's drivel should do the right thing and just send $20 to the Goldmans. What a fucking insult. Is OJ begging someone to take him out or what? I'm almost tempted to off the smug bastard myself, if I knew which golf course he's playing today while he tracks down the real killer.

Anonymous said...

I remembered what I wrote about the Pitt game yesterday evening and got really sad that I was EXACTLY RIGHT!!

You know, being right isn't always a good thing.