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What to Watch This Weekend

Mike Tyson vs. Corey Sanders, 4 Rounds, Youngstown, Ohio (tonight, Pay Per View)- OK, Youngstown isn't "The Burb of the Burgh" (that's Steubenville), but as far as I know, this is the closest we'll come to the Tyson Tour in Pittsburgh. At least until Paul Spadafora fight again.
Mike Tyson's Tour Schedule and News

Illinois at Penn State, 12 PM, Saturday- The Anthony Morelli injury watch has dominated this week's coverage of the game. But it looks like he's got the green light. PSU will need a great game from Morelli to overcome the schemes drawn up by Illini coach Ron Zook (above, throwing signs).

Rutgers at Pitt, 5:45, Saturday, ESPN2 The Panthers have made a habit of losing "big" games on their schedule the last few years against teams not named Virginia Tech. Unfortunately, the Hokies are not on the schedule this year. So since Team Wanny dropped the earlier big game against a team coached by this man , the pressure is really on to pull this one out. Should be an interesting matchup.

Blue Jackets at Penguins, Saturday, 7:30 PM- Evgeni Malkin tries to keep up his goal-a-game pace against the vaunted Columbus franchise. And Ryan Malone will see if he can extend his one-game streak of showing effort.
Cardinals at Tigers, Saturday and Sunday nights, 7:30 PM- Come watch Sean Casey, Jeff Suppan, Jim Leyland, Don Slaught, Rafael Belliard, Lloyd McClendon, Gene Lamont, Andy Van Slyke in the Pirates Reunion...I mean World Series.

Steelers at Falcons, Sunday, 1 PM- Well, the whole terrorist angle has been eliminated by Homeland Security, so it looks like everyone will be relatively safe on Sunday, especially since Ray Lewis won't be in town.


Anonymous said...

I love it.

Mario - The Toughest Bastard in the history of the NHL.

No Dale Hunter, no Rob Ray, no Cam Neely, no Esa Tikannen.

All hail #66!

Anonymous said...

i just saw TC the beer vendor VENDING BEER during game 1 of the world series in detroit! he was right behind home plate during the 1st inning!