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Cuban to Pirates, Top 100 Football Recruits, Harold Reynolds Lawsuit, Penguins Bandwagon Application

The Pirates are in the running for a Cuban defector. No, seriously. And no, it's not Mark Cuban, either. (Thanks to loyal reader Mario for the tip)
SI's top 100 college football recruits are out, and Pitt's QB du jour, Pat Bostick, checks in at #23, 4th among QBs. Also on the list: #95, Chris Jacobson, an OL from Keystone Oaks and Wanny recruit.
Harold Reynolds is suing ESPN over his firing. That could be one costly hug for the Worldwide Leader..
Don Banks gives us his AFC and NFC playoff teams.
The Ombudsman slaps ESPN on the wrist for their coverage of Miami-FIU and Cory Lidle.
ESPN updates their NFL Power Rankings, with your black and gold at a mere #21.
The Pensblog has a Penguins Bandwagon Application for any willing applicants.


Anonymous said...

The bandwagon fan thing just reeks of the typical Mark Madden-eque resentment the diehard Pens fans have of the Steelers and their fans that drives me nuts.

Look, it's not a Pittsburgh thing. Football is more popular than hockey in just about every American city.

And sports fans tend to be more interested in a team when they're doing well as opposed to when they're dumping all of their good players so guys named "Ramzi Abid" can get some ice time.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I watched Ramzi Abid and 97-year-old Marc Bergevin slop up the ice in 2003-2004... but I don't blame anyone that didn't want to. (I even sat through a 9-0 ass beating against the Lightning IN TAMPA, getting into fights with the fans that REALLY deserve to be called bandwagon: Tampa Lightning fans)

I love the Penguins, and I love the Pensblog site. But jesus, we're Pittsburgh fans. No need to hate on the Steeler fans.

I mean, it's pretty ridiculous to have a rivalry with a team and it's fans that are in the same city and don't even play the same sport!!

(DISCLAIMER: Louis Lipps is my homeboy does not wish to piss off the Pensblog guy, even though he probably just did.)

Anonymous said...

Louis Lipps vs. The Pensblog...sounds like an intriguing verbal matchup

Anonymous said...

My money is on Pensblog, there's like 16 of them bopping around.

Adam said...

We had this similar discussion a couple of weeks ago on Mondesi's House.

If there's one thing we're guilty of on the Pensblog, it's conjuring up things that we, as the authors, think as funny...while the rest of the world has no idea why it's funny. We've noticed the infatuation that this city has with the Steelers (and the country with the NFL) and we take jabs at it when we can.

We don't have resentment for Steeler fans, because we are diehard Steelers fan ourselves.
If I ran the Steelersblog, I would pee all over the Penguins. I have an equal love for the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins.

But I run the Pensblog.

If we come off as aggressive in these comments, we apologize. We mean no harm.

Derek said...

What Adam said, and.....

Just as a reminder
We are far and away against Mark Madden and anything he says when it comes to this subject.We have said it numerous times. Here is what we think of Mark Madden

We are just making light of those fair weather fans.

I totally agree with you that we are all Pittsburgh fans first. You cannot control who likes the team, and who doesn't.Yes people will like the team if they are winning more. Thats just society today. We know this.
And I think Pittsburgh has the best fans in any place. (Especially Tampa, I have been there, I know excatly what you mean.)
No way would the Pensblog ever want to be preceived as trying to turn fans against each other. One of the main reason we don't talk about the Steelers, is that people like Mondesi do it way better.

We are just making fun of those jobber fans who are in it for the good times.

And heys that fine, but if the bandwagoners are allowed to watch when they want, then people that watch always, we can make fun of them whenever we want. In the end we all just want to see Lord Stanleys cup, and get laid at some point.

It is an ageless debate, that everyone will have.

All in all Louis Lipps you don't sink our ships, we respect what you say, and you are welcome on Pensblog anytime.

Keep on truckin,
Derek from the Pensblog

P.S. Go Riverhounds!

Bic said...

Rooting for a team and being a bandwagon fan are totally different. Someone who is a bandwagoner in my opinion is someone that comes out of no where about a week before the playoffs begin and becomes the Penguins "know it all" fan is a bandwagoner.

That same person will likely say how much they suck and won't wantch them the next time we have a losing record.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ you guys travel in numbers. One comment and 46 Pensbloggers race over.

Bic said...

BTW don't take my Penguins logo as meaning I'm not a Steelers fan. I was out there last year when we beat the Bears (turned the season around when things looked like shit in a downpuring of snow) so I'm not here to bash the Steelers or kiss the Pens ass.

Adam said...

"Jesus Christ you guys travel in numbers. One comment and 46 Pensbloggers race over."

Hahaha. Funny cause it's true.

Derek said...


You said everything I was trying to say..

well done

chris said...

go pens

Anonymous said...

Do you think Malkin will have a Pittsburgh accent when he finally learns to speak some English?? That would be both a joyous and sad occaison.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the mis-guided link. This should correct things.

mondesishouse said...

"Jesus Christ you guys travel in numbers. One comment and 46 Pensbloggers race over."

Can I suggest the nickname of "Pensblog Mafia"?

Adam said...

When we have to name our legion of fans, something is wrong in the world.

I would take Pensblog Mafia though. Don't wanna play into the tired Scarface theme, though.