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The Chiefs Attended a Passion Party in Pittsburgh

How this flew under the collective radar of Steeler Nation and the national media is beyond belief. Kansas City Star columnist/former ESPN employee Jason Whitlock outlines a big reason why the Chiefs got blown out by the Steelers last week. It turns out that the Chiefs stayed at the Airport Hyatt, which happened to be hosting a "Passion Party" convention the same weekend.
A "Passion Party" is apparently a Tupperware-party style event with "adult toys" being offered in place of plastic leftover containers. To the surprise of absolutely no one, several Chiefs crossed paths with the conventioneers the night before the game. The Chiefs are mum on details, but Whitlock writes that Chiefs Coach Herm Edwards "verbally shredded" his team after finding out about the party. And we thought teams were going to be better behaved after the Love Boat!

1000 thank yous to Deadspin for the link to this story.


Anonymous said...

Passion Party in Pittsburgh, Fred Smoot on bye week, coincodence, I think not.

Anonymous said...

There are so many good jokes you can make here, but I'm going with "They sure played like a bunch of dildos."

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES we were there and had a great time and so did the guys! join us!

Anonymous said...

Guess that's what happens when so many gorgeous Passion Divas are in town...someone's bound to get a little distracted. In this case, it was a whole football team!