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Mondesi Mailbag

First off, thanks for all the emails on behalf of Official Mondesi's House Mascot Maddux. He had a much better day and was able to get enough medicine in his system. In fact, he just sat down next to me as I post this very update. He thanks all the great Mondesi readers and wanted to add that he thinks the Steelers should fire their Special Teams Coach. He's a very smart doberman. the rest of the Mondesi Mailbag...

In a reference to the October 10 Mondesi Mailbag, Savran on Sportsbeat's own Duane "The Brain" Cahill writes in to defend himself against charges of too much Philly love:

"In my defense, I'm a Belle Vernon native and HUGE fan of anything 'Burgh (OK, so I'm a Penn State fan, but it's my alma mater, so I'm forgiven).

At any rate, I live near Reading and happened to be in Philly for a two-day training session for work. Anytime I get into Philly, a stop a Pat's is a must! Kind of like my trip to Primanti Bros. on the Strip anytime I'm in town to do the show with Stan in-studio.

Anyway, ESPN was down there filming for two hours and I said all of ONE thing to Greg Garber on camera. Just so happens it got on the air. And I wasn't exactly singing the praises of Philadelphia (although those steaks are incredible!) - it was more an anti-T.O. remark. Lo and behold, I got on.

Felt bad for the guy sitting on the other side of the guy you see in the picture though. He wanted to get on TV in the worst way and talked for about 90 seconds. Apparently he had nothing much of value and the poor guy didn't even get on camera in a non-speaking role. Ah well, it happens.

One of your loyal readers sent me your link today. It's a shame you couldn't tell on the ESPN spot, but I was actually wearing an FSN Pittsburgh polo shirt. Here's to promoting the competition.

So there's my side of it in our "for what it's worth" for the day."

The clip that started it all


Anonymous said...

I have a newfound respect for Duane the Brain for being a Mondesi reader.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Cahill.....whoever you are.

Getting a steak at Pat's is like saying, "If you want the best burger in town, go to McDonald's!"

Pat's and Geno's are assembly line cheesesteaks. For the real deal, go to LARRY FAMOUS - HOME OF THE BELLY-FILLER, just off City Line Ave in Bala Cynwyd. 24 inches of cheesesteak. Pure heaven.

This coming from a man who believes that without the cheesesteak, Philly would make no contribution to everyday American life.