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Tim McCaver, Najeh on Kenny Rogers, Tressel to Browns?, Celebrity Star Wars

I'm sure all of you have heard Fox's Tim McCarver at some point in your life. Which means you've probably heard him say something absolutely ridiculous. Well, the folks at have complied a list of some of their favorites. Really worth a read.

Could Jim Tressel be the next coach of the Browns? released their latest NHL Power Rankings. The Penguinos? #11, and rising.

Mondesi favorite DJ Gallo offers opinions from athletes about the Kenny Rogers controversy. My favorite, from Steeler Najeh Davenport: "I don't see what the big deal is. Back in college I used to have brown stuff on my hands all the time."

Donovan McPuke is at it again...

Worth1000 has an incredible "Celebrity Star Wars" Photoshop Gallery that I think you'lll enjoy.

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