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A's vs. Twins, AP Voters Revealed, and an HDTV List

Today begins the MLB playoffs with a weekday-afternoon, March-Madness style kickoff. I'm sure baseball-loving kids in Oakland are thrilled that the A's are on at 10 AM this morning. This game makes the playoff debut of one Jason Kendall, after 1,545 career MLB games. Tomorrow, Kendall will catch Esteban Loaiza, forming an all-ex-Pirate battery. All the A's need is Kevin Polcovich for a 1997 Pirates reunion tour.
An early gem from ESPN's much-hated Joe Morgan in this game:
"When you're diving, you're in the air, you're not running" - Morgan, following a Nick Punto bunt.
Here's some more links to keep you from working today...
Ever wonder what football media member voted for what team in the AP Poll? Your curiosity can now be fulfilled. FYI, Chris Fowler has Louisville #7 and WVU #8, Kirk Herbstreit has WVU #7, and the Post-Gazette's Ray Fittipaldo has PSU at #24.
"AP College Football Voters" (Associated Press)
I've heard of this list in years past, but the 2006 list is now out---the best and worst looking celebrities in Hi-Def TV. Teri Hatcher falls from #1 worst in 2005 to #3 in '06. Who is the worst? You won't be surprised.
"Swanni's HD Horribles" and "Swanni's HD Honeys" (TV


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Big Boy gave you a plug yesterday. Didn't know if you noticed it or not since it was on pretty late in his show. He basically paid you a nice complement and recommended your blog in a way that only Madden could.

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Where's Beano Cook???

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Beano can't vot since everyone knows he can't stay awake to watch the late games.