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Pittsburgh XPlosion on the Move

The Pittsburgh XPlosion, our favorite Pittsburgh professional basketball team, was apparently a franchise free agent. Today, the XPlosion announced that they have jumped ship from the ABA and joined the CBA; the same CBA run into the ground by Isiah Thomas, the same CBA that has a team called the Atlanta Krunk Wolverines.
The CBA should prepare itself for an onslaught of Hooters Rooters, Bomb-Squadders, and former Runnin' Rebels. One word of caution, prospective Bomb Squad members: a former member alleges they never pay you (link to XPlosion message board thread. Yes, such a beast exists).
By the way, the league just had the annual draft. Please do yourself a favor and check the XPlosion's picks below:
(1st round, 6th pick) – Kevin Pittsnogle (Forward, 6’11”, 250) West Virginia
(2nd round 16th pick) - Kelly Whitney (Forward, 6'8", 240) Seton Hall
(3rd round, 26th pick) - Tedric Hill (Center, 6'10", 240) Gulf Coast Community College
(4th round, 37th pick) - Hassan Adams (Guard, 6'4", 220) Arizona
(5th round, 47th pick) - Jai Lewis (Forward, 6'7", 275) George Mason
(6th round, 57th pick) - Carl Krauser (Guard, 6'2", 200) Pittsburgh
That's right, Pittsnogle and Krauser on the same team. Plus the Bomb Squad and the Rooters. What more could a fan ask for?


theNick said...

something tells me a couple of those players might not be on the opening night roster....and also that cba link mentions the pittsburgh pirhanas....sweet sweet memories

Doug said...

the pirhanas, heck yes

Sean said...

Those are actually some pretty good players. Whitney was solid at Seton Hall. Pittsnogle can hit the three and not have to worry about rebounding (not that he ever did worry about rebounding) with Jai Lewis taking up the entire lane. Krauser will be good for 8 assists and 6 turnovers per game. This would be a fun team to watch!

And if it's not, you can always remember the days of the Pittsburgh Spirit or Pit Bulls.

mondesishouse said...

I don't know if those guys are going to suit up or not. Pittsnogle has a 2-year deal with the Celtics as a non-drafted free agent. Krauser is signed with Germany's EWE Baskets Oldenburg.