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Follow me for a second...Everyone in the free world hates Terrell Owens, probably more than Osama Bin Laden, as recently as yesterday. Then a report surfaces that he tried and failed to commit suicide. So everyone who hated him then felt sorry for him. Then his PR rep basically accused the police of fabricating their report. And now, Owens may play on Sunday. Only one thing is clear: Owens will be like raw meat for starved wolves when the Cowboys visit Philly on October 8.
For ESPN, an Owens suicide threat is like Christmas, the Super Bowl, and O.J.'s Bronco rolled into one. A perceived "must-watch" story from the TV Gods involving a mercurial football star and his alleged off-the-field suicide attempt/overdose is a script no writer could dare dream of. Throw in some controversy with the police, a cranky Bill Parcells, and a game coming up on Sunday, and the script keeps writing itself.
An excellent Owens Recap (from Deadspin)
Terrell Owens Police Report (from The Smoking Gun)
With today's Owens news, a Seattle-based website brings up the story of Ken Griffey, Jr., swallowing 277 aspirin in January of 1988 in an attempt to kill himself. Somehow, I have never heard this story until now.
If you're like me, you enjoy reading's Bill Simmons...on most occasions when he's not in Patriots/Celtics/Red Sox/Curious Guy overload. Today, Simmons chats for around 4 hours with The SportsNation on a variety of topics, including Owens, Ed Hochuli, Matt Damon, and Tony Kornheiser (who seems to be losing the Monday Night Football-watching public more and more with each passing week).
There was recently a little dustup at a Tacoma, Washington-area Hooters centering on a Steelers banner on display. No word on whether any Hooters Rooters were involved.
Steel-ightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined (from the Post-Gazette's Blog N Gold


Anonymous said...


All the Bengal fan contributions to the Simmons chat are senseless trash talking.

I'm serious, these are the most knowledgeless fans in all of football. I meant what I said, they trash talk a lot because they don't know enough about football to actually discuss it. Which is what happens when you've only been following the sport since around October of last year.

It's not only Steeler fans that experience this excessive shit spewing. They do it everywhere to everyone.

They're the NFL fan equivalent of having an annoying little 6 to 8-year-old cousin that thinks he knows Kung Fu and wants to wrestle you every time he comes over to your mom's house for dinner!!

I think I read a Dr. Z column a few weeks back where he mentioned that recently "Bingle" (I loved that by the way) fans write him all the time just to trash talk about nothing in particular.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about the sensationalism that ESPN capitalizes on with every contraversial story. Like the Saints back in New Orleans, now this TO hoopla. Like the author says, "It writes itself."

SAMO said...

If it weren't for his publicist I would 100% believe TO. But his pub needs to be fired asap. She is awful and dumb.

Anonymous said...

"He has 14 million reasons to be happy!"

For that quote alone she should not just be fired, she should be tarred and feathered as well. That is such a bad message for anyone, let alone a publicist to say.

Unknown said...

She actually said that he has 25 million reasons!

Anonymous said...

They also left out that he has a kid. Of course, money's the most important thing in life, so that was not worth mention.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that those pain killers were so slow-acting. I actually thought we were done hearing about this goofball.

Of course there would have been: the T.O. funeral, T.O. black arm band, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others singing his praises as a misunderstood black man...Maybe it's better that it was just a "misunderstanding".

Did you see how ticked Parcells was? I could just hear him MFing Jerry Jones: "Thanks Jerry, you MFer. It's not hard enough to win in this league, so you bring in this psycho head case to make it easier for me? Thanks again mother f er."

HA HA HA HA, it couldn't happen to two bigger, more deserving a-holes than Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells! Serves them right for being so desparate to win at any cost that they put sound business sense aside and sign this lunatic.