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Odell Thurman Arrest Video

Via our friends at Deadspin, here is a video of the now-infamous Odell Thurman arrest. As they point out, it is unfortunate that Chris Henry does not make an appearance in this clip.


Anonymous said...

This is almost as funny as the Justin Strzelczyk instructional video on how flip out and crash cars.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... Bungle fans.

Come out en masse after they beat the Steelers.

Hey where's your rings at guys? You mighta had one if your running back wasn't sniffing coke off a strippers ass the night before the Super Bowl 20 years back. But then again, I doubt he would've helped much when Pittsburgh-native Joe Montana picked the Bengals apart.

Oh, and don't think you're getting a ring this year either. Finesse team's that can't play defense don't win Super Bowls.

BUT, fans of finesse teams should enjoy bragging about early regular season games all they can. Because finesse teams don't win in the playoffs.

Bengal fans = people with cheesey midwestern accents that have been annoying people with excessive trash talk since... well... 2005 when they all came out of the woodwork.

And nice job stealing the Saints "Who dey?" chant guys.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh....Steeler fans they live on Bengal chat boards and cry the blues when there own is under siege.Sorry. Penn. is also considered the midwest and you are chessy as well, so take your wannabe Boston accent and stay at the flea markets and monster truck shows and cry amongst friends.