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Mondesi Hits the Links

A couple of new links to the Friends of Mondesi section today...

--There are more and more NFL and NBA players coming out of the University of Pittsburgh these days. Ever wonder how they are all doing? Check out Panthers in the Pros. A very well-run site, and a must for the Pitt fan.

--Rob from New Castle just started a blog last night. He started off with a live blog of the Steelers opener. So let's send him some of that sweet, sweet Mondesi traffic. Check out In Hiding in the Castle.

--Emailer Scott noticed that I somehow neglected to include the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial with my "Best of Steelers YouTube" piece last week. So here is the link to Mean Joe:

--Emailer Josh sent over this little nugget from the Steelers website..."Steelers Team Pass"

For the low price of just $100 per year,

Up to 10 hours of video streaming per month:
Unlimited access to all Team Pass audio streams (including Coach Cowher sound bytes, and Team Pass Bob Labriola daily Report)
Unlimited access to any Team Pass news articles and stories
Live PRE-GAME feed from the Jumbo Tron for every Steelers home game. Feed starts 2 hours prior to kickoff and ends after player introductions.

Wow...Cowher sound bytes, Bob Labriola, AND Pregame Jumbotron feeds, for only $100?? What a deal! The Steelers Team Pass is a great example of how the Steelers are worth $880 million.

--If you would like to trade links, just email and let me know. As long as you're not Dave Littlefield, I'd be interested in trading with you.

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Anonymous said...

You should definitely want to trade with DL. He'll give you whatever you want in exchange for an old, broken link that costs too much money.