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Kordell Does Dan Patrick

Highlights from Former Steeler QB Kordell Stewart's appearance on Dan Patrick this afternoon. Kordell was on to pimp his appearance on season two of Spike TV's Pros vs. Joes:

On his time in Pittsburgh: "It was always what have you done for me lately. It was never good enough for the media or the fans"

On accuracy: "When you run as much as the Steelers do, you're asked to be accurate. I want to get a first down, but if I don't, I get a boo."

On what QBs gets rattled: "Kyle [Boller] gets rattled a lot. A good shot or two, and he's done"

No mention of his personal life in this interview, though.

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vinnie said...

Kordell, will you ever learn? Success in the game of football is measured by wins, and you're right, losing is NOT good enough. Also, if you can find a football team where QB accuracy IS NOT important, then you'd probably still have a job and not be pimping yourself out to some third-rate cable network (Pros vs. Joes indeed).

This city gave you a chance (in fact I was just talking today about your 5 TD performance against Denver at 3 Rivers in '98 was it?), and Cowher REALLY gave you a chance (probably more of a chance than you deserved). You only have yourself to blame -- you are the one who wanted to be a pocket passer, rememeber?