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Cincinnati, Home of the Bengals and Car Vomit

In June of 2004, Cincinnati Bearcats basketball coach Bob Huggins was arrested on charges of drunk driving, and the arresting officer noted the vomit on Huggins' car door in the police report.
But at 3 AM this morning, the Cincinnati Bengals once again upped the ante in the NFL arrests pool. Linebacker Odell Thurman blew a .17, more than twice the legal limit, while driving rookie Reggie McNeal's 2007 Chevy Tahoe. If McNeal gave Thurman the keys, I can only imagine what he would have blown on the test.
The best part of the story is that of oft-troubled wide receiver Chris Henry. Fresh off a five-catch, 69-yard, 2-TD day against his arch rival, Mr. Henry joined his teammates to celebrate. And celebrate he did, Huggins-style, by vomiting out the window of the very Chevy Tahoe that Thurman was driving.
Thurman was driving on the other side of the yellow lines in Cincinnati's East End, so he's extremely lucky he didn't kill anyone. Thurman is already serving a four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. But as long as Henry keeps catching those touchdowns against the Steelers for Marvin "Look the Other Way" Lewis, you'll see him in Bengal stripes for a long time.


vinnie said...

I guess this officially makes the Bungles the classless of the division.

Anonymous said...

Prison stripes for Henry would be better. Just think, him and Clarett on the same prison team. I feel a game against the guards coming on!

Anonymous said...

Terry Long says drink more anti-freeze and enjoy your defeat to your hated and so called classless rivals. I'm sure you steel heads don't drink Iron City and get DUI's and puke every time Donnie Iris is on the airwaves.

Anonymous said...

I still don't really hate the Bengals that bad honestly.

They just kind of annoy me, like a kid that won't shut the fuck up. Then procedes to make an ass of himself everytime you think he's going to be a good kid and shut the fuck up.

PS. I know more Pittsburgh who are apt to make fun of Donny Iris before actually listening to him.

Anonymous said...

You Bengals fans are totally clueless. Are you that hungry to win that you really want to support people like this? I'll tell you this, if the Steelers were populated with the dregs of society I certainly wouldn't support them.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could call the truck the "Icky Shuttle".

Q. What's the difference between a Chevy Tahoe full of drunken Bengals and a porcupine?

A. The little pricks are on the outside of the porcupine.

Anonymous said...

Who died and made Pittsbugh the morale majority?? You got beat like Ray Seals cousin and now tell everyone how to live.Thanks for the tips. I'll remember all this when I see all that non-alcholic beer at Heinz field(Paul Brown East).

vinnie said...

ejm, PAAAAALEEEEEEEASE. The Bungles had little to nothing to do with the result of that game on Sunday; the Steelers beat themselves. Ask you buddy Carson "Run for your Life" Palmer if the Bungles beat the Steelers. I'll give credit where it's due, and the Bungles (uncharacteristically) took advantage of the Steelers' mistakes, but that's about as far as I'll go. Let's see what happens on New Year's Eve.

Anonymous said...

A win is a win.Sorry. Sometimes life dishes out beatings like at the Mel Blount ranch for losers and you just have to take it.

Anonymous said...

Riiiiiight, like the beatings the Bengals took for 15 years.

All you Bengal fans took that real well didn't you? Oh no, wait... most of you weren't supporting the team back then.

Or what about the beatings we laid on you at Heinz Field west last year?

Or the beating Ryan Clark laid on Chris Henry Sunday.

Face it, we're a tougher, more physical, and skilled football team than you are. We fucked up the Bengals AND ourselves. I bet there's more sore bodies over at the Bengal practice facility today than at the Steelers facility.

You're a finesse team. Finesse team's catch a few breaks and win some games during the regular season, make pretty Sportcenter highlights, then bow out quickly in the playoffs (see: Colts, Indy.... or you guys last year for that matter).

Have fun getting knocked out of the playoffs by a team that can play defense this year.

Anonymous said...

By the way, this proves the theory I came up with last week.

"Bingle" fans talk a ton of trash and little football because most of them are Johnny-come-lately football fans that really don't know a whole lot about football.

So trash talk is all they really know.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the Bengals since 1979 so take the bandwagon thiery roll it up, take it to the gay bar with Kordell and do what ya need to. I've listen to Steeler shit everyday since I was 6 and I love it. The dumbing down of America got it's start at a Steeler game.
Your team is more what they lost.
Stop the Fucking cussing!!

Anonymous said...

I had a bad feeling going into this game that the Steelers were going to play just the type of game that they did, good defense, but pulenty of mistakes everywhere else. The Steelers clearly beat themselves senseless in this game and the Bingles just happened to be the beneficiaries of their good will.

Now with a week off to think about it, I would not, I repeat, I would not want to be the San Diego Chargers. You're going to see a lot more lumber being layed by the Dee and the offense finally putting it together. Phillip Rivers is going to have the worst day of his life. All will again then be correct in Pittsburgh and the entire world will be back on its' axis. In fact, the very rings of Saturn will begin to glow brighter as they have during past SuperBowl-winning years.