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"Raise the Jolly Roger!" and other Monday Notes

Greg Brown was filled with glee when he was able to utter his four favorite words on Monday night. Of course, I'm referring to "Raise the Jolly Roger!". What words were you thinking of..."It's a freak show!"?

The Pirates mucked up the Fets by a count of 11-1, but it's important to note that the Fets were without their crazed superstar Dominican pitcher on this evening. For those of you scoring at home, that's 27 runs given up in the last 24 hours by the Mets' staff, and losses in six of their last seven. Plus surrendering two standing ovations by Yankee fans to A-Rod, of all people. That's the equivalent of Steeler fans cheering the success of Tom Brady---it just doesn't happen. This can't be the way that the National League All Star team wants to limp into the break.
Fox Sports Pittsburgh was having an especially good time picking on a portly, angered Mets fans who resembled the man to the left quite a bit. No word on whether or not he poured beer on Keith Hernandez.
Next up for Team McNutting: an Independence Day matinee in Gotham, Zach Duke against Tom Glavine, 1:10 ET.
Hopefully Ronny Paulino won't celebrate the 4th of July by sticking his ankle through the skin, like another former Bucco backstop.

In other Pittsburgh sports news, the Penguins announced the signing of defenseman Mark Eaton.

No, not the 7'3" sasquatch whose 11-year career with the Utah Jazz landed him $10 million and a permanent spot on Karl Malone's buddy list. This Mark Eaton is a 29-year-old blueliner that comes via the hockey factory of Nashville, Tennessee.

Fans have been critical of Ray Shero's lack of urgency in the early days of free agency. They would prefer the team act quickly, signing the hockey equivalents of Jeromy Burnitz and Joe Randa, just like they did a year ago.

Raul wants everyone to forget the Pirates' troubles, the Penguins' struggles, and go enjoy some 4th of July festivities. He also wants to apologize in advance on behalf of Santonio Holmes, for any arrest he may incur over the holiday.

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Anonymous said...

I immediately thought the same thing when I heard about Mark Eaton. I thought maybe the Penguins were resorting to Manute Bol-like stunts. What a great way to raise money for a new arena!